Major Conspiracy

Jump into the madness of Major Conspiracy! This iconic Dutch DJ Duo was born from a shared passion for music and a boundless love for the Uptempo Hardcore Scene.

These 2 Major guys, better known as Jari van den Broek and Sunny Laan, have become an indispensable part of the Uptempo Hardcore Scene in recent years with their unique “Major” sound and enthusiastic stage performance.

Major Conspiracy started back in 2018 and has been a part of the BKJN Family ever since 2020. From then on they released a lot of collabs with the best artists of the moment and Major hits like “Cocaine Last”, “Dwars Door Het Dak”, “Klapt Door Je Botten” and their “Trip To Holland” Remix.

They created a huge, attached fan base with thousands of Major Fans! After highlights like the Defqon Black and the Intents Festival Mainstage, the 2 boys outdid themselves again with their own sold out “GVD” event in Poppodium 013, which many visitors experienced as one of the best Uptempo Hardcore parties ever.

Prepare yourself for a lot of more madness. The party just started!

Back in the days

Jari and Sunny have known each other since kindergarten. In 2012 they started experimenting together in music production programs. Shortly after that in 2013 they started taking a DJ course and soon after that their first bookings came in at local clubs. Back then, under their first alias “Soundshooterz”, they played music styles such as House, Moombaton and Hardstyle.

After a short break in 2015, they decided to pick up DJing again. But this time with a different genre, namely Frenchcore and Uptempo Hardcore. And also under a new alias: #Teamspicht. Under this name they have, among other things, started their well-known “Uptempo Frenchcore Madness” podcast.

At the end of 2017 it was time for the real step to put something serious on the map and so in early 2018 “Major Conspiracy” was born. With the aim to play seriously in the Hardcore industry.

The meaning of ''Major Conspiracy''

In music theory, there are different kinds of chords that can help you determine the “vibe” of a song. The most famous are “Major” and “Minor”.

Major stands for the happy chord type of music. Minor represents the sad and depressing side. What we would like to achieve and show is that the Hardcore does not always have to be dark and aggressive. As, for example, the outside of the scene sees this. That’s the part that “Major” stands for.

The part “Conspiracy” is something that means we want to create a connection with the audience and our fans. In the world of Major Conspiracy, everyone is equal. No one is higher or lower than the rest. We are all one together. And together we build towards something beautiful, which will flow on forever.

This is the full meaning, but also the story behind the “Major Conspiracy Project”.