Updated information 6-29-2013

I'm going to give some eye opening and heart rendering information, concerning what happened to my wife, Patricia, who lived with me in Gahanna, Ohio (Eastern Columbus). Today, I am going to expose the way that two of the murderers contributed in the premeditated murder of my wife, which cannot be accepted as wrongful death, which in my opinion is claimed too many hundreds of times concerning innocent victims.

Person, number one, bank assistant manager, whom we will refer to as , “Teller A”. Which was employed with a very fast growing bank with many locations in central Ohio, one being located on Hamilton Rd., that will be referred to as “Bank H”. “Teller A” upon opening two direct deposit accounts, (one for Patricia and one for myself), informed my wife and myself that all information must be “confidential”. Therefore, in keeping with the Privacy Policy Act, bank employees would be in direct violation of federal privacy protection laws, if confidential information would leak out or be given out without depositors written consent.

As time went by eventually, Patricia needed medical attention, and was admitted to a hospital on Cleveland Ave. that will be referred to hereafter as, “Hospital A”. After many days of hospital stay on one occasion of my daily visits I was approached by a nurse, herein referred to as “Nurse S”. Nurse S said to me (while my wife was sleeping), “You have some money in the bank, but your wife has more.” My response to “Nurse S” was “How do you know and where are you getting your information?” Se responded to me from “Your Bank” and I asked, “What bank?” And she responded, “Bank H in Gahanna”. Then my next question to her, “Did you get a name of Bank H employee?” and Nurse S responded, “Her name is Teller A, she told me I can have any information that I wanted concerning either or both of these accounts.”

Nurse S advised me that, “If you would turn over your home, car and also give us the money in your accounts, we will see that she is dismissed from hospital within two to three days”. The nurse then informed Patricia with the same information. Patricia the looked at me with desperate fear on her face and in her voice and said “NO, we have worked too hard for what we have”. The nurse continued talking to Patricia at her bedside with the statement, “The doctors do not know what is going on, but we do. If you will do what we have asked we will have you up and out of here in two to three days”. Then the nurse turned to me, “What about your half of house, cars, clothing and etc?” My response, was likewise “NO”.

Patricia did not have a chance at life from this point on because of the greed in the minds of 37 serial killers between “Hospital A” and “Bank H” in central Ohio that premeditated the murder of my wife. I would wonder if this is the kind of freedom that our SERVICE men and women in the various military divisions have given portions of their limbs and bodies for the people of the United States.

Let me illustrate the seriousness of their sacrifice by following reflection. Two little children, boy and girl, were waiting with mother for daddy to return home from a war. Upon his arrival their hearts filled with excitement upon the first glimpse of a soldier that soon was to be recognized as “Daddy”. The children running with arms reaching for daddy's arms when the little boy realized daddy had a piece of steel in place of his hand and another piece of steel for his leg and foot. “Mommy”, he cried, “What are these?” She responded, my dear son, daddy gave his hand, leg and foot that you might have choice and freedom.

Attention: World Wide News Paper and TV reporters that are struggling to find a real news report that would release information of a great conspiracy that is centered in Gahanna/Columbus, Ohio involving two American-born citizens. Western state's, bikers, casinos, or any other organization, or individuals who would like to be a part of bringing JUSTICE in commemoration of my wife, Patricia, and my grandfather, Charlie Rich's legend by contributing donations to establish a charity. Patricia and I desired to turn the Charlie Rich Legend into a charity that would help the poor and needy that are rejected by welfare and government assistance. So I am calling for help to be able to move this legend and what I have to the west, where it all started, (It started in the West and must END in the West), I have my Grandfather's watch that dates to the late 1700's, which was made in England and in his possession the night the card dealing to place before Wild Bill was killed. Also other things pretaining to my grandfather and his family along with monument and plaque that my wife and I put together before she was murdered by premeditation.

Please respond with contributions for this commemeration charity to help the poor and needy in care of:
P.O. Box 65
Nelsonville, Ohio 45764

We are in need of finances and moving expenses for the items that will set up the world wide legend of Charlie Rich and Patricia commemoration charity fund.

We are also looking for acreage with access to utilities to be donated for this cause. We will also be in desperate need of donated labor from those interested in historical things. I have been told that I will never be allowed to move any of this out of the State of Ohio.

I am pleading for your help, I have been told that the State plans to close in on my in July, 2013 to confiscate everything from my Grandfather's legend, and my possessions. I hate the state of Ohio, with a passion they have destroyed two lives, my wife was murdered and my life has been ruined and threatened because of greed. The state siezed the grave site of my Grandfather.

AB SECURITY, Hero, Mike Crabtree, I employed him to take me to Willow Grove, PA along with another security assistant so I could speak to a toxmocologist. While in transit, we stopped for gas and Mike received a telephone call. I advised Mike if that is my attorney, Richard Perry, just say “Hello, this is Mike”, then hand me the phone. The Mike advised me that my attorney, Richard Perry, had told him that I was not to talk to anyone by him. I informed Mike that I have the right to know what's going on, because I'm paying the bill to have this investigation done because my wife was murdered. She was my wife, I am her husband and I demand to know. After having Perry on hold, I told Mike to tell Perry to go ahead, Perry thought he was going to speak to Mike, but Mike had immediately handed me the phone and Perry said, “If Gordon calls any one, get the number and let me know so I can trace and follow up on his call”. I handed the phone back to Mike and advised him to say “I'll do it, I've got to go”.

Upon arriving at the toxmocologist office, we were “padded down” to see if we had any recording devices on us. My question was “Do you do this pat down to everyone?” Security said “no not everyone”. The toxmocologist asked if I had talked to Perry, I responded, “He and I are not getting along very well”. (Perry and I had had a confrontation over the demands of the pathologist wanting additional samples from 7 to 35 containers. While talking with the pathologist, he informed me that attorney Perry has given me the wrong mailing address, phone number, therefore I am unable to reach him to check to see why we have not received the containers from the laboratories. We also need a letter from him arranging payment for this testing.) I, Gordon, responded to the toxmocologist, they are most likely at the law library, I will get ahold of them. Having made contact with Perry's law firm, I spoke with Thomas Brock, and was advised by him to relax, we are on top of it and have EVERYTHING C-O-V-E-R-E-D. (up??)

Shortly after this I discovered that Attorney Perry nor his assistant had any idea of what the pathologist and the laboratory was needing to do their work for the autopsy. Therefore, it is my opinion they were just stalling for time because they requested for me to allow them to change the murder charge to wrongful death and promised to return half of my $20,000 retainer fee if I would sign a statement releasing all who were involved in the premeditated murder of Patricia. It is my understanding that the regulations of the BAR ASSOCIATION prohibits an attorney from walking away from a case unless they have a written release from the client. I recommend for anyone needing an attorney to consult BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY, 7th edition, by Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief.

It is my turn to kick your A__ Attorney Perry.


What was the pay-off that caused you to sell your client's case to the highest bidder?

Did the man, who told you which two people to go to that were high up in the State of Ohio make you big promises of great success or lots of money?

Was it because of the promise that you would become well-known attorney with great success in the court room?

My request to everyone who comes in contact with Attorney Perry is to ask him this question. WHY DID YOU SELL YOUR CLIENT, GORDON, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER?