My Summary

I challenge the federal copyright office in Washington D.C.

I am grandson to Charely Rich who dealt the famous poker hand to Wild Bill Hickok, aces and eights August 2, 1876 in Deadwood South Dakota.

I also hold federal copyright pertaining to my grandfather.

My question is this:

Can the secretary of the state of OH. Step in on them and change them, even if I am against doing this? The secretary of the state went ahead and did just that. I was forced to accept it. The secretary of the state accused me of taking money from the state of OH. I said no I did not do that.

Secretary of state said to me "Just you wait and see what we are going to do unto you July and August." Who is "we"? Which is more than one. I believe secretary of state is now involved in a major conspiracy with "We" and she.


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