I have trouble on my telephone. I called the operator and said "I have all kinds of clicking on my line and people talking. Is there a slight possibility that my phone may be tapped?" The operator was very pleasant and let me check the curve buck and said "Yes and there is more than one tap on it." I wanted to ask her a question, but she hung up.

I called the second operator and told her what happened. She said "How did she know? It's only been on there for a few minutes." "How did she know?" I said, "I want to know who ordered it and why". The operator said "Can't tell you why."

I got a call from a person who said she worked for the phone company. She said your telephone is not tapped.

I said I would like to ask you a question all you have to do is say yes or no. Here is the question: When I call the operator for information and she tells me, one--yes I believe her, or no I do not believe her. She hung up.


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