All of you newspapers across America. Those of you who may be looking for better circulation, I may have the answer for you. This is to make a strong point here.

In the 40s and 50s most of the newspapers joined together to make the big story on TV.

I can name some of them but not all, where reporters and law enforcement some long forget, reopened the case and busted it wide open.

Cleveland, OH, the first, New York, Pittsburgh PA, Phil PA, Dallas TX, San Antone, TX, Maine, Fla, Kansas City, Montana, New Orleans, TA, Mississippi, Utah, Seattle WA, Allar, New Mexico, San Fransisco Calif. Just to name a few.

Two taking on the state of OH and all those who are working with them. When you go out the door, look up. That's the one we are working with. Guess who is going to win...

Your big story is right here in OH.

All over greed.


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