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Updates on My Efforts to Bring Justice

"I am Taking My Case to the Streets of America"

    The State of Ohio will stop at nothing to control me, and get the historical stone and plaque away from me that I have stored in my garage.

    To Shaku Teas:

        I have not forgotten what you and Bob Summers, with the help of Schoedinger funeral Chapel on Karl Rd., what you did to my wife, Patricia and I.  When I get done kicking all of your a**s, all of you will need Bathtubs to sh** in.

    I sent a banner plane on Memorial Day to fly in Chicago and along the beach, the sign read:

Website WWW.MAJORCONSPIRACY.COM  It Happened to Patricia, are you next?

    I also had this same information on an advertising billboard south of I-270 on Sawmill Rd. in Dublin, OH.  Since then I have carried a sign that read:

Dear God in Heaven, is there no justice out there...  www.majorconspiracy.com

Medicare Paid to have my wife Patricia murdered right in front of me

and a Nurse explained to me how it happened.

    I want to make it very clear here that I have worked with the Chief's of Police and many police officers who have been very thoughtful, this would be denied, except for a couple.

    In Dublin, OH, I was at the corner of 161 and River Rd.  I felt very intimidated here.  A police officer asked me to turn the sign towards her, so she could see it.  She asked me for my social security number and I replied what does my social security number have to do with me carrying a sign.  I replied no.  She then asked me for my name, address and phone number.  I told her no, you should have been briefed before you came out here as to why I am here.  Social Security told me to never give my number to anyone and that included the Police.  The police officer was way out of line.

    In Canton, OH, I went to the police to ask permission to carry my sign.  I let the policewoman know that I could give her references to the Chief's of Police that I have worked with.  She gave a strong reply and said, "You are not going to carry any sign in Canton".  I said I am here to work with you not against you just the same as I did in the other cities I have been to.  Again the policewoman replied with the same statement.  I told her she was violating my constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.  I asked if there was a Lieutenant or Sergeant that I can talk to?  She then replied with a "No one is here except me".  In walks a Lieutenant.  I informed him that I was here to ask for permission to carry my sign.  I asked "will you give me permission to do so"?  He looked at the sign and said something to the police officer in private and walked away.  I told her, "you said there was no one here but you".  All she could do was to tell me I couldn't carry my sign.  Why is Canton any different than any other city?  If I had my way I would make a major investigation into why my rights are being violated over and over and over again.

Dear God in Heaven is there no Justice out there....

    I hope no one else will stop me from carrying a sign in Ohio or any other state.

    Thanks to Channel 7 for talking to me and also to the Chief's of Police in KY and WV for being so helpful.  I have been in Circleville, Chillicothe, Portsmouth, Ironton, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Worthington, New Albany, Lancaster, Logan, Glouster, Findlay, Lima, Sunbury, Canton, Dublin, Mt. Vernon, Dayton, Richmond, IN, Cambridge, and Wheeling, WV.  I hope to go to Philadelphia, PA. and then onto Washington, DC.  Maybe someone can help me.  I will catch them all if possible.

Since TV in this state "Refuses" to help me, then I will show you that

"One Person Can Make a Difference"

Thank you to all of visited my website.  Patricia and I have become Victims of Uncontrollable greed which will soon be seen when I file suit in a court of law.


Updated Information 12/15/02


The following information is more action I have taken to bring justice for Patricia and also to fill in some missing pieces to this tragedy that I have intentionally left out.


I never meant for this website to funny or some kind of story.  Everything is true.

There are some more people involved and will need to get in line to sue me.  This case is going in the courtroom before a judge and jury:

AB Security, St. Ann's Hospital of Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Werner U. Spitz, a pathologist in Michigan.  A nurse, Jane Leavy, esq., and owner/president of MyMedicalExpertWitness.com based in Florida.  The National Medical Service of PA.  Dr. Fredric Rieders and his daughter Jullian Rieders.  Dr. G. John Gregorio, Dr. Fagon of St. Ann's, Dr. Archer, another surgeon, Emily Pappy, a physical therapist, a Dr. Peu, and others.

Of course everything here will be denied.

  My lawyer and I went to see the Franklin County Coroner and I told him all that happened to my wife Patricia.  I said the worst thing that I ever did to my wife Patricia was to take her into St. Ann's Hospital.  If I would have taken her to Grant or Riverside Hospital, both located in Columbus, then Patricia would be alive today.

  The Coroner said this is only normal for a person like you to go through a great tragedy as this and have regrets.  But if people are being murdered at St. Ann's then we want to know about it.  We continued to have a conversation that I will keep private for now.


  Some time has passed at this point and I got tired of being jerked around by certain individuals, so I took matters into my hands to move my case along.  (I'll explain that in a future update.)  I had to take steps to get Patricia's bodily remains to Dr. Rieder at the National Medical Service in Willow Groves, PA. via MyMedicalExpertWitness.com for examination.


  My current attorneys were referred to me by AB Security her in Columbus.  I returned to them to hire two Private Investigators.  I had a talk with Michael Crabtree and Monty Bradley, partners in AB Security.  I told Mike I need two PIs, him and a new gentleman named Gary, to go to Philadelphia to pick up a report on Patricia at the National Medical Service.  (I have a story about a couple individuals from AB Security that Monty Bradley would be interested in knowing...maybe later on that.)


This is a copy of the sworn statement and notarized that the following happened:


  We arrived at the National Medical Service in Philadelphia.  We were asked to wait to talk with Dr. Rieders by his daughter Jullian.  We then engaged in a conversation with Jullian that revealed some interesting facts about Dr. Rieder.  She proceeded to tell us "My Dad is completely blind in one eye, has lost almost all of his hearing, has arthritis in his fingers, is 80 years old, and in her words is "slipping fast", and I have to help him perform the toxicologist testing."  He's My Dad, she would say, and I help him any way I can.  I help My Dad in doing laboratory testing and hand him the tools.  I don't like to do this work, but "He's My Dad".  I said "are you a Doctor" and she said "no I am not a doctor".  I do anything to help him.  I said "are you a nurse" and she said "no I am not a nurse", but "He's My Dad".  After a period of time I was finally given the report, but because of certain reasons I believe the report to be incorrect.  Jullian did the testing on Patricia, how many before I got there and after I left did she do?


  While I was in Philadelphia I went to CBS and NBC.  I explained to a reporter why I was in PA. and gave a quick synopsis of what has happened to Patricia and me. (if there is a quick way to tell the story).  Afterwards the reporter explained to me that I needed to make an in studio phone call to someone, probably a decision maker on news stories, and that they would pursue the story.  As much as I want the help from the media I can bring myself to use them yet, because I can't release certain aspects of the case that opening up to the media might hurt me.  They did ask that if I change my mind to give them a call.  That time will come....


Updated Information 1/29/03

2000 Copy write: 2001 – 2002 Gordon Bourgeois 


I am coming to the realization that I am being blocked from getting a trial in this State to bring justice to Patricia.  The following readings are examples of how my current and past attorneys have betrayed and deceived Patricia and I in other law suits.




Not disrespect here, but do I have to blacken my face to get federal troops in here?

Anything pertaining to me before and After the Facts and/or Will Not and Can Not is used against me in a court of law.

I threaten no one…and I absolutely want no violence here.

I don’t care who or how big you are…I don’t care if you have a Badge as big as a Garbage Can Lid and if you carry a gun as big as a 105 Houser I’m going to kick all your asses. 

There is absolutely no Deals Here...any Plea Bargaining.  There is no agreement or anything else for you people who willing and knowingly did this to Patricia and me.

Stay away from our home…you have taken and done everything that you possibly could to destroy us. I’m going to use your Own Laws to bring you Son of Bitches to Justice.

Any attempt by Federal …State …or Local law enforcement officers …Radio…Television or New Papers and or Magazine or Neighbors to Badger, harass, or pursue me, or plant something on me to get me to let these people off the hook - Its Not Going To Happen

Because of what the Justice System did to Patricia and I…They were taping me…and I was Taping them...I have all this on video and court records showing the setup…and all the judges have the same name…”Judge Will I Shaft” presiding on there name plate.

The theft and seizure of a historical grave at Miamisville where big business and politicians turned it into national wide attraction bringing in over one Billion in tourism dollars.

Today I speak to the husbands and wives …walk down the “Road of Life” with Patricia in her shoes and me in my moccasins …ask yourself how much could you take?

This great and wonderful state you call Ohio…let me tell you something that happened to the both of us” Handicapped People”. We were just like you were…but something happened to us. I was hurt at work and my wife had a deep inner ear infection in which it caused her to lose her balance.

When everyone is called home on Judgment Day before the Lord Jesus Christ …

What ever I did on this earth, He will find Justice with me and I have it coming…what ever it may be? How about you?

Grand Opening…May 5th, 2001 at Our Home in Gahanna Ohio I made a video telling of the corruption and payoffs by Judges and Lawyers, and Politicians.

It is the greatest takedown in the history of this country…so many are involved.

I speak to you now…. to the Judges in this country that wear the Black Robe.

A Robe that you are to honor and show fairness and justice to all…in this world that is a LIE.

I believe that 99 % you will sell your Robe the Highest Bidder.

I want to take a minute to say this to the Judges that do care.

Every day in this country they open their doors to a Septic Tank of Pimps, Prostitutes Gays…Wife Beaters…Alcoholics…Child molesters better known as Predators, Serial Killers …Murders like St. Ann's Hospital that Murdered Patricia.

The Police Officers and Detectives step out into the “Septic Tanks”

Faster than the police officers can make out there reports…you Judges and Lawyers are putting them on a conveyer belt to rotate them back onto the street.

Or they end up killing the Police Officers…because you Son of Bitches don’t care or give a Damn.  Judges and Lawyers must be held responsible for their actions for allowing evil persons to return to the streets.

But you never give it any thought about the police or detective’s families!!!

Something a wife never wants to hear…An Officer Is Down.

Or a door bell rings…she doesn’t want to open it because of the fear that there may be other police officers there to tell her that her husband was killed in the line of duty.

That same family will have to fight to get a Pension to try to survive…because you don’t give a Damn.

The real Criminals are the Judges and the walking assholes with brief cases that are walking into the Court Houses of America.

Walking Assholes

Invitation to Get Shafted

(hover mouse)

I contacted NBC and I was lucky enough to get right in to talk to someone.  I talked to this guy…he didn’t give his name. I told him that Medicare paid to have my wife, Patricia, murdered right in front of me and a nurse told me how it was done.

I told another person at NBC that I was sending a Box with the following items in it; A Derby Hat, A Tee Shirt, Video and Pictures to them with Seven Private Eyes. 

Under total secrecy I sent in seven Private Eyes…but later I found that there was only five that went. I sent the Box and Video that pertained to the information you have already seen…and more to follow.

There were two Private Eyes from Ohio, AB Security, and its A FACT Stay away from these people.  Names…half owner is Monty Bradley of said Security Company and Michael Crabtree…half owner…both Private Eyes.

On July 26th 2001 they picked up another Private Eye in Pennsylvania that took them across PA… and then hooked up with two other PI’s in New York in which they went to NBC on the 27th of July 2001.  They were NOT to leave the Video with NBC unless they signed for it.

My contact in New York was Mr. Rose at NBC. I talked to the guy, which I first started talking to, to see if they seen the video…he said yes…he stated that he had been there for years and had never seen a Video as powerful as this.

He asked if I had made the Video in which I stated I did.  He stated it took a lot of nerve for you to do something like this…and then asked why I did it.

I kept trying to get my video and box of things I sent to them and they told me they were going to hold on to this and I wanted it back they had no right to it.

They told me that they were going to send it back. But never did.

I did it to Find Justice for My Wife Patricia.  I did it to not have this ever happened again and to have an Ace in the Hole.  Today I’m using my Ace in the Hole.

The total cost for their services for two days was $10,000.00.  When I asked Billie Bradley how much credit I had left in my account she said $58.00.  When I talked to Michael Crabtree he told me that I had $1,000.00.

When Monty and Billie Bradley lived in Crooksville he started talking to me about a video that he wanted me to see.  It was a video about recruiting people for the militia.

I saw the first few minutes of the video.  I saw how it showed how to destroy airplanes and helicopters. I stopped the video and rewound it.

I returned it back to Michael Crabtree at his office on Sullivant and Wilson Rd. in Columbus Ohio. 

I told Michael Crabtree that I absolutely want nothing to do with his organization …

I will not destroy my Country “America” From Within.

In November I went to talk to Monty Bradley in McConnellsville Ohio and his Wife was there, Billie Bradley. I asked for the papers that were never given to me of the records of expenses. I also requested all my Videos. Monty Bradley told me to Forget all about those VIDEOS. Monty Bradley said you are not going to get them back.  He violated the rights of a client and private investigator relationship.  Along with Billie Bradley and Michael Crabtree they even kept the papers from New York.

It was a year and a half later I found out that NBC didn’t sign for the video. I asked AB Security’s Monty Bradley and Michael Crabtree to make Two Copies and keep them for me.  I was not aware that they made fifteen copies, and that they changed the video.  There are two other innocent people involved , the ex-president Bill Clinton and President George W Bush are also in the video along with the FBI.

And cut them out in Crooksville and McConnellsville without my authorization or me knowing about it.  They even sent it to others  and boasted that they buried them in other states and the justice system would never find them.  If I had my way they would get 25 years in prison.

Proof of hiring this company, page 2

The people involved in these cases are…Supreme Justice of the State of Ohio…Deputy Chief Clerk Rita Nash. In which she was the only one that tried to help. Two Supreme Court Justices McMan in Judge Betty's office at 175 South Third St Columbus Ohio…Federal Marshals Office…Navy Security …FBI in Washington DC. and the Cleveland office…Columbus …and Cincinnati…Governor Bob Taft …Betty Montgomery Attorney General Office…And Past Governor George Voinovich…to which whom I believe is now a Senator, his office is involved…A letter in which I received from Governor Voinovich that stated he appreciated the letter I wrote him asking for help…He stated that that it is a local matter…The Columbus Court System is not within the scope of his authority…can you please explain to me how someone going to the electric chair can be pardoned by you and you can’t help me…BULL SHIT

Congressman John Kasich…Medicare…. Medicaid… Columbus Southern Power (AEP)…Naval Security...Workmen’s Comp…. FCC…Two Internets…Major Airlines…Three Rest Homes…Three Hospitals… Grace Baptist Church…School Teacher…Two Funeral Homes…Schoedinger Funeral Home…Ryan Funeral Home…Seven Undertakers…

There’s twenty-three Judges Involved…Three cared about the system.

And if need be…they will testify on my behalf…Six Appeal Court Judges…District Attorneys office…Prosecutors office…. Corners Office…Municipal and common Pleas Courts…Counties involved are Licking…Franklin…Delaware Court Houses. State Bar Association Three Past Presidents of the Bar Association…Ohio State University Law School…disciplinary court…Thirty Two Lawyers

Law Offices

Bob Pope

Charles Bloom

Diane Hensen – Diane Hensen was my lawyer for a workman’s comp. claim.  State of Ohio paid all workman comp lawyers $5000 and what ever the attorney could get out of his or her client.  At one time, she had some paperwork for me to sign.  I said I wanted to read it before I sign it.  Diane said I’m your lawyer and to go ahead and sign it.  I signed it.  She immediately handed it over to a women who was employee of Columbus Southern Electric (AEP) (where I worked and got hurt) and said afterwards that I should not have believed her and I should have read it.  The women then handed Diane 2 big handfuls of money and Diane pocketed it.  I said you just made a payoff right in front of Patricia and me.  Diane and the women said that if try to do something about the payoff that any inquiries asked, that those asking would be believe us and not you.

Diane then informed me that I would now lose a total of $50,000 because I didn’t read the document.  Granted I should have read it, but I put my faith and trust into my attorney and I got burnt.

Dan Fletcher – quoted as saying one time: “Gordon, once you sign our contracts we are taught in law school on how to word those contracts, so you or no one can possibly get out of it and we lawyers get our clients good.”  I told him that it is my belief that all new attorneys are taught by Satan’s disciples and after graduation they are known as professors of law.  He responded that when they see the judges in their chambers that we are instructed to do things to our clients that we do not want to do.  I did not want to set you up in any way to lose your case against Rite Rug or Video Occasions.  I was forced by the magistrate that was standing in for Judge Martin.  He also said he can do what we want to our clients including helping in covering up a murder.  I told him I believe attorneys are taught to lie, deny, badger, harass, persecute, manipulate, intimidate, and be dirtiest, sleaziest, no-good, filthy mouth, sleaze ball, low lives on this earth.   You are nothing more than thieving no-good son of a bitches.  That includes those judges who sell their robes to the highest bidder.  You’ll do anything to anyone, any place, anywhere to take what they have.  You are the most greedy self centered people in America.

Michael Byers…Rite Rug

Butauski…Carpet Layers

Charles Hess

Rodger Weaver – Son of Bitch was fired 4 times and still wanted to settle the Rite Rug case even after he was fired.  He did not want Patricia in his office in her wheel chair, because it made his office look bad.

Thomas J. Bonasaro –Attorney that represented my mothers Estate and Covering up “Her Murder” at Nan Rest home in Westerville Ohio

Mr. Peters - Millersport Body Shop

Lawyer for Video Occasions

Susan Lorenzo…Lawyer for Patricia and I in Delaware

Tom Weber…City Attorney for Gahanna that represented me at one time and told me to kiss Robert Roby’s ass and I told him I was going to kick it not kiss it.

Law office-He wanted me to lie in a Court of Law. (I refused to lie and lost the Case of Grace Baptist Church cost to us was $35,000.00)  This case was about my car was rear ended by the church’s bus and the preacher was driving.  At the trial, the witnesses that included the preachers clearly showed that the bus driver was at fault.  Now, because of Tom Weber’s and Robert Roby’s deal makings I lost the case. 

Robert Roby… Represented Seven Law Offices…Lawyers working on trying to break me… into false statements…and they couldn’t handle the Real Truth.  There are two innocent bystanders here. I’m going to give you one.

I call your attention to a deposition taken in Robert Roby’s Law Office. Robert Roby was the Attorney for the Defense…Grace Baptist Church.  Tom Weber my attorney and a Court Recorder were also present.

Judge Kruger and Secretary- Threatened me in a court of law, he told me I had to tell the other Lawyer without me having a lawyer …everything I knew.  His Exact words were “If You Don't, You Wont Believe What I Will Do to you”.  I took this to be very threatening from a Judge. There were two witnesses there to hear him say this to me.

During the deposition Robert Roby started questioning me about our private sex life. At that time I stated to him that our private life wasn’t any of his business and it had nothing to do with the case.

I made a statement to the recorder and this is what I said.  I said put this on a wire to the Oval Office.  To Washington DC to the President.  Dear Mr. President (Bill Clinton) Sir at this very moment I'm in deposition with Attorney Robert Roby please put into Law along with Congress a Bill Stopping the Justice System from entering a bedroom or any other place in violation to your rights of privacy.

The court recorder made a statement to Robert Roby.  Mr. Roby what Am I Suppose To Do Here? And I said I’m under Oath and I Am in a Deposition and you better do as I said.  You better remember it because I’m going to challenge you in a Court Of Law.

We took a break from the deposition, and I walked out and I had to return a few minutes later to retrieve an envelope I had left in the office.

I caught Tom Weber and Robert Roby making a “Deal”.  They turned around and asked how long I had been standing there and how much I heard.  I fired Tom Weber right there on the spot.

I told them I wasn’t taking anymore of this Petty Shit...and I left. 

Attorney Mike Marlin - Handled the case of Bourgeois V. Gene Thompson Groveport Garage.  The case was my claim against him for poor workmanship.  Patricia and I were told at the courthouse that we would have to pay Gene Thompson $5,200 even before we went into the appeals courtroom and that we had already lost the case.  This was the amount due to the garage for repairs.  I said we already lost the case…how could you loose a case without even going before a Judge?  How did Mr. Marlin know how the case would turn out?  This is a Great Attorney!?  The answers to these questions were never answered with a straight from Mr. Marlin.

This is the Greatest Justice System in America…Isn’t this FANTASTIC what our Judges and Lawyers do here in Ohio to Help Us????????

Judges Involved…

Judge Whiteside…He cared about the truth

Judge Williams…He also cared about the truth

Judge Martin

Judge Tyak

Judge Charles Petree

Judge in Licking County - Case Bourgeois vs. Millersport Body shop – Case involving again poor workmanship with another body shop.  The judges from Martin down, listed above, should be called “Judge Will I Shaft” Presiding.  There mallet should be a Hot Dog that would be used to shove up your rear end, “shafted”.  On the two doors you use to exit the courtroom they should read on the left “the liars won” and the right side, “I got him good.”

Case # 88 CV 07 4672 Judge Martin

Bourgeois v. Rite Rug

Michael Byers, represented Rite Rug, you didn’t give a damn what you did to us.  You and Charlie Hess and the dirty circuit slim ball son of bitches that wear the black robes are walking ASS HOLES with the briefcases.  I’m going to give it back to you to see how you like it.  Thanks to Dan Fletcher, another ass hole, he told me Gordon if you and your wife sign a release I get $10,000.00 and I said I would never give in to Rite Rug.

Copy of ruling that states an attorney cannot settle on behalf of the client without written permission

Court documents showing ruling that our attorney could not settle without our consent, page 2, page 3, page 4

Dan Fletcher said that Michael Byers was telling all of the lawyers going in and out of the courtroom, if you get this case he didn’t care what you had to do to get them to sign.  Dan said Gordon Rite Rug is willing to pay any attorney $25,000.00 a week as high as $250,000.00 to force you and Patricia to sign a release releasing Rite Rug of damages.  I said where are they getting all this money?  From other companies?  Dan said no.  Michael Byers and another lawyer found a way to rip the State and federal Government for millions of dollars.

I told Dan that people shouldn’t pay State and Federal Taxes…and Michael Byers should have gotten on national TV and told how it was done.  Michael Byers, I call your attention to the last page of said case where Judge Martin states that the carpet layers were very abusive and did shabby workmanship.  They damaged the furniture and mirrors.  The carpet layers were drunk and belligerent, and forced Gordon Bourgeois to change his wife’s diaper in full view.

I asked Charles Bloom to take the Rite rug case.  He said that he and Judge Martin were the best of friends.  I said Dan Fletcher was telling me about the Law Schools and what liars you have to be to be a Lawyer.  Charles Bloom said that if he didn’t keep his mouth shut the people at the top of the Justice System would fix his ass good.  Dan Fletcher would never have to worry about anything again.  I took that to mean that they would have him killed.

Copy of checks we never cashed because we didn't authorize the settlement

I told Charles Bloom that the people at the top of the System were the Supreme Court Justices.  I asked Charles Bloom “am I right?”  Isn’t it the Supreme Court Justices?  He replied yes. Then Charles said to me that you have no idea of what the Justices in the Supreme Court are capable of doing. They can make a phone call and I’m history, or anybody else that crosses them.  Today I’m crossing them with the truth in which they can’t handle.

Charles Bloom said we aren’t afraid of the FBI.  But we fear the CIA when they come in because they will give you Heart Attacks.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of outstanding people.

Charlie Hess which was the second Lawyer after Dan Fletcher badgered and harassed and persecuted us if we didn’t give into Rite Rug.  He even went as far as to say he was going to kill us.  He charged us $2,000.00.

I fired Charlie Hess and got another Lawyer named Roger Weaver.  He charged us $7,000.00.  Roger Weaver and all attorneys told me that they hated handicapped people because they made the office look bad.  I was on crutches for seven years and my wife was in a wheel chair.  They hated both of us, but were quick to take our money.

Patricia and I fought with Rite Rug for five years.  They did $4,200.00 in damage.

The cost for us in attorney fees was $17,000.00.  Rodger Weaver and I went to the courthouse to talk to a Mediator to discuss our case with Rite Rug.

Coming back, Roger Weaver said that if he didn’t get this appeal that I could get him for malpractice.  I said thanks for telling me.

He wanted me to sign a paper so I would release him from malpractice.  In which I refused to do.  I told Roger Weaver, Patricia was falling apart right in front of me in the Rite Rug Case and I couldn’t let this happen.  I received a letter from the courts that Roger Weaver filed an appeal and I was to appear in court. Without my knowledge he filed the appeal to cover his ass to keep me from suing him.

Copy of release that we refused to sign

When I got to the appeals court I again told him I didn’t want or need his services outside the court room.  This made the third time I fired him.  We went into the appeals court and he went over to Michael Byres and told him that I fired him three times.  There were three people on the appeals court…Judge Petree, Judge Tyack and Judge Whiteside…

I fired that drunken Son of a Bitch April 2nd…there were affidavits by the courts by Roger Weaver and Judge Martin letting Charlie Hess settle the case in July.  Now how could that happen?

Judge Petree asked me if I wanted Roger Weaver as my Lawyer.  I said no.  He then asked my wife Patricia if she wanted Roger Weaver as her attorney and she said no.

I got up and said I would like to represent myself and Judge Petree denied my request.

Judge Petree asked Mr. Byers if Mr. Bourgeois was before this judge.  Mr. Byers replied no, he is not.  Were Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois before this Judge?  Mr. Byers stated no they were not.  Hearing Denied by Judge Martin and Judge Petree said what in the world is wrong with this Judge?  What is he up to?  They can’t do this to these people.  They have rights.

Roger Weaver ran up to me and said I had just won.  This lying son of a bitch ruled for Judge Martin.  Judge Tyack you dirty lying, no good sleaze ball bastard, you stated that there was overwhelming evidence.  The only evidence was our affidavits which you and Judge Petree shit canned.  What did you get out of this you bastard from Michael Byers and Rite Rug, two compact cars in your driveway and $25,000.00?  How about you Judge Petree?  You can’t do this to people.  They Have Rights.  What did you get, a freight car loaded with 60 weight oil for that head of your, a trip around the world for you and your wife?

For seven years I was on crutches because of an orthopedic surgeon named John Martz at Doctors Hospital North crippled me.  I never had a hearing and Charles Bloom walked away with the purse.

I will not going into each specific case individually unless I’m challenged in a Court of Law in front of a Jury.



I call your attention to the rule and laws of a licensed Lawyer or Attorney.

It so states that a lawyer or an attorney cannot survive without a Client.  The lawyer and client are supposed to work together.  The Client is to put his trust and belief in the lawyer that the lawyer is going to do everything in his power to work with the client.  But you left this part out, to be the most greedy, uncaring, self centered, double dealing, back stabbing, no good slime ball son of a bitches to get everything they can get from there client. 

My Federal Dollars in Action.

I call your attention now to going to the Federal Marshals Office. I went here to complain about these lawyers and judges and what I consider a crooked system.

When he came back to his office I showed him what I had.  As to what the Justice System had done to me.  He took a look at it and threw it on the desk and said I can’t help you.

Basically I told him thanks for nothing.

FBI Office 

I went to the FBI thinking they could help us with everything that has happened.  I talked to a female agent when I first walked in.  I said that I needed her help.  Please read this.  I gave her the papers that I had.  She asked me who is Roger Weaver.  I said he was one of the attorneys that were ripping us off.  I said to the agent do you know Him?  She said that she didn’t know of him.

I’m sick and tired of these judges and attorneys doing what ever they want to people.  All they do is take your money and give you the run around.  I said they are all crooks and most of all Roger Weaver.  He got us for $7,000.00.  The woman agent then said I know Roger Weaver and he is not a crook.  I told the agent that you just told me that you didn’t know him.  She said to me that I better get all my stuff and get out of here while I can.  I took this to be very threatening.  I said I didn’t come here for trouble.  I came here for help, but she said it in a way to me that scared me.

Bourgeois Murders

Five Murders…Patricia was number five.

I call your attention to me calling the District Attorneys Office.  I called and I ask if the DA was there.  The person that answered the phone stated that he wasn’t, and then he asked can I help you.

I told him I wanted to report four Murders.  I was telling him about all the murders in which you’re about to read.

He told me that he couldn’t help me.  He was more concerned about putting boxes on the shelf then listening to me about the murders.


My brother was separated from his wife and I went over to talk to him.  My Brothers name is Robert and his wife’s name was Cathy.  He told me that they had been working on their differences and was going to work on becoming a family again.  The phone rang he turned on the speaker so I could here the conversation.  It was Cathy’s Attorney. Robert told the Attorney that he and Cathy and the children were going to become a family again.

The lawyer said he was going to do everything in his power to keep Cathy form ever going back with me again.  My brother said to the lawyer why are you doing this to me?

We want to become family again.  The Lawyer said I don’t care about you or your family.  Before I get done with you Robert I’m going to take everything you have now and anything you will ever have.

You will never be able to own anything or have anything.  I’m going to shove you right down in the ground. 

That he did.

My brother hung up the phone crying.  I took him in my arms and he said why is this attorney doing this Gordon?  We love each other and want to go back as family.  I told Robert that all he wants is your money and he doesn’t care.  Then I told him no matter how bad things are.  As long as you put God first in your life and pray that things will change.  Then Robert told me I should have seen right though this.  I know what I have to do!

Feb. 14th Robert Killed Cathy and then Himself.  The lawyer made it all possible.  Who was the Killer?

I’m grateful the children weren’t there.  It tore there lives to peaces.  I had to identify the bodies and I never told anyone what I say. 


My father had the flu.  We tried to keep him home, but it wasn’t possible.  So my mother had to put dad in a rest home.

The name of the rest home was Northridge on Carl Rd. in Columbus Ohio.

Mom said that they had had enough of my father.  They said they were going to take real good care of him and they did.  It was way below zero and they opened the window.  They had to remove my father from the nursing home because he was in critical condition.  They tried to blame Riverside Hospital and say that it was there fault.

I told my mother that I blame the nursing home and the nurses with murdering my dad.

My dad use to say if you don’t have any money nobody wants you.

This happens so many times at nursing homes to the elderly and nobody gives a damn.

They, the elderly, helped build this country and look what you did to them.


My brother Joe Jr. and I had a falling out because he took his wife and two daughters and when to my mother’s house.  They occupied her while the others looted and robed the house of clothing, jewelry, shoes, money, and anything of value.

My brother had my mother sign blank checks for utilities and food, but he was using the checks to pay for his own utilities and food.

I hired a Lawyer named Bob Pope a partner to Charles Bloom. Bob Pope told me that if I wanted to that I should go to court to get Power of Attorney over my mother and her estate.  I knew if I did it she would be well taken care of and she wouldn’t loose everything she had.

I was unaware of what Joe Jr. did to our mother.

What we have here is Able and Cane.  He made her incompetent and had her put in a rest home, Nan Rest home in Westerville, Ohio.

It ended up where I had to go to court.

Bob Pope and I were standing outside the court room.  My brother walked up and got into an argument with Bob Pope and said that he was going to have control over the Estate.

Bob said we would just go in and have a hearing in open court and Joe took off.

Bob Pope told me outside the courtroom that the Judge Metcalfe already made Bonasaro administrator of the estate.  I said, why in the hell do I have to go into court if he has already gives administrative rights to Bonasaro.

Pope said to make it look good on paper.  The judge asked me if I had an attorney, and I told him I had Bob Pope.  The Judge said I couldn’t use Bob Pope because he represents Bonasaro.

The judge put his hand over the Microphone when I said you can’t have an attorney represent two people in a court of law.  It isn’t right.  The judge said I was to damn smart for my own good.

While outside a friend of mine walked up to Bob Pope and said you did pretty good today didn’t you?  He stated that he made $2,800.00.  The guy said not to bad for twenty minutes.  I said ten minutes.  That’s how the money gets funneled out of the estate and into the thieves’ pockets.

I went to the rest home to see my mother.  She was supposed to be downstairs but she was upstairs.  When the doors opened I exploded.  The residence was standing in line to get lunch.  A young guy in his early twenties was taking food from a hot table.  He took a big spoonful of hot whipped potatoes and threw it into a women’s face and onto her chest, she had to have been in her eighties. 

I took the SON OF A BITCH and slammed him on the hot table and he slide to the floor.

I said to him you bastard, YOUR NOT “SLOPING” HOGS, these are people.

I took two towels and helped the women clean the potatoes from her hair and face and got her another plate of food.

A nurse walked up and said that she would finish cleaning her and getting her food.

The young guy opened his mouth again that he didn’t have to take it.  I started back over to him and told him if he opened his mouth one more time I was going to beat the LIVING SHIT out of him.

Doing this to an eighty year old person, well I hope someday when your in your eighties and I hope you live that long, and your in a line like this women at a place like this I hope some punk like you throws hot potatoes in your face.  I want you to remember what you did to her.  What Goes Around Comes Around?

I went down the hall and a nurse told me what room she was in.  While I was walking down the hall I seen two women laying naked on they’re bellies with human waste from their neck to their feet.  They were hanging out of bed asking “please help me, help me.”

I asked two lard ass nurses to get out of their chairs and to do something. They said they were helping another patient.  I went back and got some towels and cleaned them the best I could and put them back in bed.  I went down to talk to my mother and she told me two nurses grabbed her and slammed her into the wall, and one took her fist and put it in her face.

My mother was very strong-minded.  She was a Native American and so am I.

The nurses said that if she didn’t do as they said they were going to fix her real good and she wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

I went looking for these nurses.  I couldn’t find them.  I told mom if anybody ever hurt her I was going to get the people that did it.

I called Bonasaro up and told him about what happened at the nursing home. I told him that if anything happens to her, this is not a threat but a fact; I’m going to use your own dirty justice system and turn it around on you and bring you down.

Bonasaro said to never call him at his office again.  From now on I would be dealing with Paula Kearns.

I called her to request funds from my mother’s estate to get a larger gravestone.  She told me I was only to receive $300.00.  Don’t forget that my attorney just got $2,800.00 for ten minutes of work.

This is how these Bastards work.

Thanks to Dan Fletcher for telling me how the system works in probate court and the court system.

There were other very personal things my mother told Patricia and I that I will not discuss.

Patricia and I went on vacation for a couple of days.  On December fifth I received a phone call from St. Ann’s Hospital that my mother had pasted away.  I said I just saw a couple of days ago.  What Happened?

The nurse told me she had fallen and broke her hip.  They took her to the hospital and operated on her.  The surgery went ok.  Then her stitches opened up while she was in recovery.  They had to put her back on the table and that is where she passed away.

At Schoedinger Funeral Home I looked at mother and asked who the undertaker that worked on her was?

The estate, Bonasaro, was around $72,000 and you and the rest of the family took $42,000.00.  Everybody got his or her piece of the pie.

This Bonasaro is where I'm going to bust your ass. I told you that I would use your own court system to bring you to Justice, because you and Metcalf covered up my mother’s murder and stole her Estate. 

I call you attention Mr. Bonasaro and Metcalf how it was done,

I went to the doctor that signed to death certificate, to get the records.  The lady at the office told me she would get them for me.  The doctor had passed away that signed the death certificate.

I told her I would be back the next day.  I went back to get the records and she told me that she had to contact Bonasaro and he told her to destroy all the records.  It was also done at Nans Rest Home.

I asked Nans Rest Home, how were they destroyed?  Some were burned, shredded and thrown away.  There were no records now.  So know body would know how my mother really died.  One thing you couldn’t destroy was me.

You forgot about the one you sent me.

Remember that?

I’m going to show you how my mother was murdered.  She was thrown against the wall by the nurses and took there fists to breaking her nose and causing her to fall to the floor and broke her hip.

She then passed out and was left there for two hours.  One of the other nurses told me what really happened.

At the Funeral home I asked the undertaker, why was her nose broke?  He replied I wandered about that also.  The death certificate said a broken hip.

You and the doctor both lied and said she was taken back to the rest home and passed away there.  That was either a cover-up or a lie.  She passed away at the hospital.

Now you and Metcalif and others are involved in a cover up in the murder and looting of my mother’s estate.  I can bring mother up and prove it.

A question for all America

If ten people went into a bank to rob it and they had the same caliber gun and the bank guard was defending the back and they all shot at the same time hitting the guard at the same time, which shot first? Which shot killed the guard? Who will be charged with murder?

My Wife Patricia

November the 26th 2000 at 2:00 am Sunday Morning Patricia was having trouble breathing.

The greatest mistake I made in my life was taking her to St. Ann’s Hospital.  If I would have taken her to Riverside or Grant Hospital I know she would be alive today.

I believe that money was funneled into the hospital to murder my wife right in front of me so big business and the state of Ohio could get even with Patricia and me because we took the historical stone and placket from my grandfathers grave.

What better place to commit a murder and get away with it than a hospital?

When Patricia went into ICU, I told the nurse that I wanted to stay with my wife Patricia. 

The nurse said all the patients that are in here are in critical condition and you caused them to be in critical condition.  I said how could I we, just got here.

The nurse said I caused all of it to happen in here.  I didn’t say anything.  I waited for Patricia’s Doctor to come in.

For fifty-one days and nights I stayed by her bedside, only to leave to clean and change clothing.

The next day lung specialists named Doctor Fagon, Doctor Archer, Doctor Peru, (Doctors who are involved in Patricia's murder), and a surgeon, but he was really a QUACK, showed up.  This is the kind of doctor they have at St Ann’s Hospital.

There are thirty-five Serial Killers. 

On first shift is where Margaret and Chris and the ICU nurse and four other nurses are working and seven others on the other floor.  On the second shift there were seven nurses upstairs and seven down.  Also there were seven nurses that came in from Mt. Carmel East to help out.

That made thirty-five Serial Killers.  There are two other serial killers, 2 male nurses who gave her shots.

Chris told me that we nurses would do anything for each other no matter what it was

Doctor Fagon came in the next day and I told him what happened to Patricia.  He got a hold of the nurse and chewed her out good.  The nurse came over crying and wanted me to forgive her for what she had done.  I told her to leave it lay.  It was already done.

Doctor Fagon was very understanding and explained to me when ever he would do anything in regards to my wife he would keep me informed.  He told me Patricia would leave the hospital on 1/2/2001.  My biggest mistake was listening to a lie from Doctor Fagon and other doctors causing Patricia’s death.

Doctor Fagon ordered to have Patricia tied to the bed spread eagle and humiliated.

I challenge any person 120 lbs five feet tall to be spread-eagled only to be washed and taken down to ex-ray for forty-five days.

I untied her and Doctor Fagon wanted her tied back up for another five days.  I said no.

She had women from Physical Therapy come in, Emily Pappy.  She told me that if I ever come into this hospital again that we, the nurses, had big plans for you.  I felt that this was very threatening because of what happened in ICU.

I told Doctor Fagon about it and he said he couldn’t do anything about it because I wasn’t his patient.  The nurse I had a run in with, and Margaret and Chris, patted Patricia on her hands and said they was going to take real good care of her.  I should have seen it right there that they were going to Kill Patricia but I didn’t.  Now I believed the doctors and because of this it cost Patricia's life.

The nurse I had a run in with gave Patricia a shot.  Patricia’s eyes instantly dilated as she tried to get away from the shot.  I told the nurse.  Look at Patricia, she showed instant fear.  I asked, what in the hell did you put in that needle?

The nurse replied I’m not going to tell you what was in it.  I told her to give it to me.

I tried to grab it and only got part of it.

Chris came in and said that if you ever try that again they were going to run me out of ICU.  The nurse that gave Patricia the shot took the needle out of the room and broke it so no one could analyze it.

The doctor asked the nurses if they did everything right and they replied oh yes doctor.

When he took a blood count it seemed to be ok but right after the nurses would give her a shot it would go right back up.

Her heart rate would run any where from 155 to 200 daily.  These nurses played god, and decided who should live and who should die.

The nurse I had a run in with came in with three bottles of medicine and then Chris came in and brought four more bottles then reached up in the cabinet and got another big bottle out of it and gave her a shot and took another big bottle off the cart in the hallway.

I asked the doctor how many shots he was giving Patricia he said two.  I then asked how many bottles?  He asked me why?  He answered that he would use three small bottles.  I said that the nurses had a lot more bottles than three.

I asked him why there were at least nine bottles on the table for Patricia if he had been giving her three bottles worth of medicine.  I told you on several occasions that that was happening.

I heard him ask the nurses if they were doing everything correctly again and they said yes, we are doing what you asked.

This is when I should have pulled her out and went to another hospital.  But I believed in the doctors that she was going home.  Patricia was spread eagle and her feet and hands were tied down.  The respirator was put in her mouth.  She was crying and trying to tell me the nurses were murdering her.  I couldn't understand her.  The nurses murdered her right in front of me.


Doctor Fagon was telling me that if there is anything in her lungs, most of all liquids, that they couldn’t possibly get it all out and it would kill her.

The surgeon told me he needed to cut Patricia to put a “trake” in her.  I told him that if you do anything wrong I was going to the director or staff doctor I would be coming to get you.  I was told it would take an hour to do the procedure.  Three hours later the nurse told me she was in CCU and I went to see her.  She was a mess. There was green stuff that she was lying in and she was in it for three hours.

I asked them to come clean her up and they never acknowledged me.  So I got a pan and a cloth and started to clean her up myself.  They came in and told me that they would do it.  Doctor Fagon came in and told me that the surgeon came in and really messed up.

He said that the surgeon should have stopped with the tube in the stomach.  But he went into the stomach vile which was green.

And when he pulled the plastic tube out of her side it caused the stomach vile to completely run out of her and into her lungs and out of her mouth.  Between that and the shots they murdered her.

A nurse wanted me to sign a paper giving all out property and house over to her and then later said St. Ann’s wanted her clothes and shoes.  She said they needed to get solid food into her or she would die.

Scare Tactics by St Ann’s to get you Estate

I told her that Doctor Fagon said she could get by on what she has been on.  I asked her how she knew Patricia had any money.  She replied she called the bank, the Heartland Bank in Gahanna, and they gave her all the personal information to her without my knowledge.  Then later after the fact they sent a paper stating they had to do it.

This pertains to going to Pennsylvania for a toxicologist report. 

To Jane Levy who is owner of My Medical Expert Witness-Coral Springs Fl.

The cost for the report was 7,300.00.  I sent you $5800.00 and $1500.00 to doctor Reader.  I refused the report where the daughter said her father was unable to do the work because of a medical handicap.

Jane Levy and Digorio changed the Pathologist report and Richard Perry failed to tell you before the fact that the first toxicologist found positive that there were different types of metals in Patricia.

Jane Levy I have you for deception and fraud and trying to rip off Medicare.

The rest will be used in court.

In My Opinion---™

I was manipulated and deceived by two incompetent lawyers.

These lawyers are Richard Perry and Thomas Brock, better known to me as two incompetent lunatics.

These lawyers are the two worst attorneys that I ever had, because they mad fun of my dead wife.  I couldn’t drop them because I couldn’t get another lawyer.  I had to take it.

Ohio State University Law School has two outstanding law students here.  (sarcasm, if you didn’t catch that)

I believe that OSU gave these two individuals diplomas just to get rid of them.

AB Security

I paid Billie Bradley and Michael Crabtree to accompany me to Penn. to get the reports I need, but instead they decided to have their own private affair at my expense.  Yes, you know what I mean.

Monty and Michael, you two are business partners, are you two partners in everything?

Monty, she would call you many times and let you know how much she loved and missed you.  Once we crossed into West Virginia, she took on a new attitude and called Michael “O Honey Baby”.  If she was an octopus I still don’t think she still would not had enough arms to wrap around Michael.  They looked like two road runners and couldn’t wait to get to that room at the hotel.

Proof of hotel stay

Another episode with Richard Perry was when we went down to the monument company to investigate the drawing mishap.  He talked to Liz and Kevin and the artist, and they explained that they did have the drawings, but destroyed them and did the artwork their way.  I refused to sign off on the artwork that was completed, because it was not done as asked. 

At this point Richard made a decision to side with the monument company and shook his fist in my face and said that I was not leaving their without signing off on the artwork. 

I feared that he was going to do bodily harm to me starting with my face.  In the end I was forced to sign off on the artwork.  After I signed they all mocked and laughed at me because they were happy they could humiliate me.

I would love for everyone reading this website to contact NBC demanding them to return all items, including the video, back to me. 

The two funerals that have been involved in all this I have witnessed you stealing jewelry from dead people while in the coffin. 

Once, while working for AEP, at a Ryan’s Funeral Home I witnessed the funeral director stealing jewelry from the body after it had been closed and locked.

You undertakers don’t care what you do to people one bit.

You are dirty, filthy maggots for doing this to people, just to make another buck.

The President wants Congress to pass a bill that limits malpractice lawsuit awards to victims to only $250,000.  Here is an example as to why that is a terrible idea.  (place picture here)

In reference to my leg, I was told by another doctor that he has too many patients and doesn’t give a damn what happens to them.

Seventeen surgeons and five MDs told me that do to my leg I was through physically.

Photo of my leg

Try to picture this in your mind, my right leg between your knee and ankle as seen, a leg that is 34” in diameter.  From the ankle to the toes my foot was 14” around.  My big toe was 5” in diameter and my little toe was 3”.

This was caused by malpractice and do you really feel a doctor should get away with something like this with nothing more than a slap on the wrist?

A doctor at Grant Hospital in Physical Therapy told me Gordon for as much swelling and discomfort as you are enduring, you are not living you are only existing. 

Back in the day, my dad could tell me the future.  He told me back ’38 that someday some will land on the moon.  There will be people with jet packs on their back flying around.  He said that at the turn of the century, someone is going to rise up against the injustices in this country and he isn’t going to take it anymore.  I am not one to rise up against my country, but I am one to say I have had it and I am not going to take it anymore with this crooked dirty justice system.  I did not know that 64 years later and handicapped that I would be the one my dad was talking about.

I will fight any son of a bitch in this country who tries to keep me from finding justice for Patricia in a court room.

Updated Information 11/29/04

This is a story about a widower with Native American ancestry trying to pay respect and show his love for his wife that died tragically before her time.  Unfortunately this story is not fiction, it actually happened and I am trying to alert other people so they won’t have to go through what I have.

My name is Gordon Bourgeois.  I am a marine veteran.  I served during the Korean Conflict from 1951-1953.  Like all past wars and even the one fighting today over in Iraq, if one soldier falls it’s one to many.  At least one thousand of our men and women haven given their all to America.

            I am fighting on the home front to save our past, present and future generations to come.  I am speaking to every man, woman, and child, I would like to have the support of all the people in this country to join forces with me to save our heritage.  I would also like to get all the news reporters to get involved and take this and run with it across this country like wildfire.  Everything I am writing about pertains to your gravesites, courthouses, and Memorial Day.  In this following update I hope to fill in some more information about everything that has happened to Patricia and me.

            Greed and corruption and cover-ups have taken over our country and now our cemeteries.  They show no remorse to the veterans nor to you.  All they care about is the “Almighty Dollar”.  Your cemetery gravesites and records are being sold to the highest bidder.

            Here is how state records are being destroyed at the courthouse.

            In 1984 my mother asked me to find her dad’s gravesite, my grandfather, so she could have the opportunity to place a nice stone on his grave.  My grandfather was Charlie Rich.  He was the famous poker dealer who dealt the hand of poker that resulted in the death of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.  The hand included two black aces and two black eights.  This hand would now be known to all poker players as the “Dead Man’s Hand.”  The legendary tale took place in Deadwood, South Dakota August 2, 1876.

            My wife and I and our little dog, Fifi, found my grandfather’s gravesite April 2, 1988 in Evergreen Cemetery.

            At that time is when I became acquainted with a Jean and George Schroer from Cincinnati.  It turned out that Jean was a distant cousin that even my mother had never told me about.  After meeting them I came to realize that I made three terrible mistakes.

1.      Telling Jean about my grandfather dealing the dead man’s hand to Wild Bill

2.      Telling her that my wife and I were to have a stone and a plaque made and have his gravesite designated as a historical landmark.

3.      Telling Jean about putting together a family tree about the Rich family

This is when the true colors of Jean Schroer came out.  She took it upon herself to take our paperwork and claim it as hers.

I told Jean that a first cousin, Winnie Rich, gave my grandfather a gravesite.  It was recorded in his name at the courthouse.  Jean called me three days before the historical dedication and told me about everything she did to my wife and me to illegally seize my grandfather’s gravesite.  This was after Jean and her husband went to the courthouse and found out that what I told her was true.  Unaware of what Jean and George were up to, my wife and I had my grandfather’s gravesite marked with a stone and a plaque before the historical dedication.

Jean went to the rest home where Winnie Rich was still living at the age of ninety-eight and was in bad health.  Jean told me that she paid the nurses “Big Money” to look the other way while she to advantage of Winnie.  She told the nurses what she was doing.  Jean said to me on the phone that “only the nurses and I were there with Winnie and a few patients when I got Winnie to sign a paper giving her ownership to the gravesite of my grandfather.  Jean went to see a lawyer and got an affidavit stating that Winnie had made a true statement about where my grandfather was buried.  She returned the next day to the nursing home by herself and signed it and the nurses witness the document.  Here is a copy of the paper that Jean states is a true document of what she signed.

Signed Affidavit

Jean and her husband, George, went to see a judge in Canton, Ohio that they had known for a years.  They told the judge what they were doing to get the gravesite.  Jean told me that her husband and she paid the judge and two court clerks a little bit of money.  The judge was paid twenty five thousand dollars to destroy the state records at the court house.  The judge told Jean and George that there was a big book and a small book of records at the courthouse.  Jean said to me that big record book was loaded with information about a large number of individuals.  The same went for the small book as well.  Jean also said to me that the judge said not to worry, that these books would never be seen again.  Some people will stop at nothing to get what they want.

How many veterans and people of past generations were destroyed with those books?  Jean said to me the judge back logged the date from 1877 to 1857 on the gravesite, and updated other records.  Jean went to see a mayor and paid the mayor “big money” to do their part in destroying records.  Then Jean went to talk to the trustees at Evergreen Cemetery.  Their names are Henry Nickels, Jr., Arthur Price, Jr., and Robert Sontag.  There were two women that became involved as well at the graveyard.  I don’t know their names but both were bribed to destroy records as well.  One accepted the bribe and the other didn’t.

My wife and I were very upset about what they did to us.  My wife had put in half of her life savings in this cause and just to have someone else illegally seize everything from us.  I told my wife not to fret that I would get the stone and plaque back in April 1998.

Now the game begins.

I called Jean Schroer and explained that I had a great idea.  I wanted to put the scene of Wild Bill Hickok being killed after being dealt the famous poker hand on the back of the stone.  Jean, with all her money, said “Gordon, are you going to pay for it?”  I told her that I would.  I told Jean that I could not wait until I get the stone up here to have the artist put this work on the stone.  It was going to look very nice when it’s setting back there on my grandfather’s grave.  Jean said that she would have to give me permission to remove the stone from the gravesite.


I called Columbus Art Monument Company to have the stone brought up to our Gahanna, Ohio garage.  I have pictures showing this huge task taking place.  I made sure the stone was removed from Evergreen to our garage.  Once it was inside our garage and was locked, I went over to my wife who was in a wheel chair and picked her up and the joy of getting the stone back was over-whelming.  She then kisses me and said to me, “we did it.”  We did what I told Jean I would do about the picture on the back of the stone.  Jean went out telling everybody in and out of the state that the stone would be back with a picture on the back of Charlie Rich dealing the last hand to Hickok.  She even got newspapers involved.  I called Jean and told her that I was sending her a picture of the stone.

See Stamped Documents of Dated Repossession.  Doc 1   Doc 2

On these pictures it read “REPOSSED, April 2, 1998 by Gordon & Patricia Bourgeois.”  That’s when the “big business people” came unglued and threatened our lives.  That threat was carried out on my wife, which caused her to be murdered.   The owner of Columbus Art was one of the persons that approached me with a bribe of twenty five thousand dollars to put the stone back on the gravesite and put my grandfathers gravesite in my name, but we refused.  The “big business people” said they would find a way to “get” my wife and me real good no matter what it cost them.

“The Customer”, without them there would be no business in America.

Home town hero?  I will unmask a so-called home town hero who is part owner of a monument company.  He was top in his class, football player, and owner of his own business in a hometown that loved and trusted him.  Well watch out New Lexington, your “hero” is not what he seems to be.  If anyone wants to check out these remarks, I point you to your courthouse and to the cemetery that he has “purchased.”  New Lexington, you were sold a bill of goods just like I was.  Be patient with me and I will tell my factual story about what happened to me with this so called “hero.”  Robert used the people in New Lexington and I like a piece of toilet paper.

There is a second stone that was bought for my wife who was taken from me before her time.  First there was another monument company involved, Thompson Monument, they messed the stone up so I went to New Lexington, Ohio to have the stone done by a local town person who told me to go see Robert Howard from Quality Monument Inc.  I met Robert Howard who I asked him to complete my wife’s stone.  He agreed to help me get it done.  I explained to him that I wanted a contract, but I never received it. 

I told him about our, my wife and I, experiences in Miamiville, Ohio and what happened.  He introduced me to a retired police officer John.  Robert said to me, “send John to Cincinnati.”  Robert offered the use of his office and said we could work out of it.  This is where everything happened.  He explained to me he has won outstanding rewards in Columbus by the Chief of Police when he was a clerk.  His work with paperwork was impeccable.  When I met John, he and I hit it off very well.  Robert said that John could work right here one day and another for you down in Cincinnati.  I hired John to go to Cinn. to find out any information about my grandfather’s grave that was seized from my wife and I by the state and “big business people.”  John found records that people involved thought they got away with.  John found the greatest cover-up with records being destroyed and changed at the Evergreen Cemetery.  Update on this to come later.

John’s investigation leads to “big business people” contacting the historical society to make a new plaque to place on my grandfather’s gravesite.  John said that because we had taken the stone and plaque that the Historical Society was no longer going to make plaques for that site.  John said that he could not find any information about the newspaper places where any of the records may have been destroyed.  Some of the places refused to let John into the records to find the real truth.  I had went to a newsstand and asked for a newspaper to find out what was going on in Cinn.  A man showed me a paper which had a picture of a poker hand.  Under the picture was a caption that read, “This is one poker hand that we’re not going to win with Gordon and his wife.”  I asked the man to sell it to me and he said that that was the only one he had and he wouldn’t sell it.  He gave me his name after I explained who I was and that I may need him as a witness.  So I asked John to go and try to find this paper and he said to me that the newspaper had no records of this.  John stated to me that every place he went he was told that from the year 2000 and back there were no records.  I believe that someone in Cinn. followed this theft of a gravesite and the have this information somewhere, maybe in a portfolio or something.  With this newspaper I can have proof beyond any belief that the newspaper is involved in the cover-up.  I know someone has to have it.  Please send me a copy in the name of Justice.

While with Robert I asked him what an emblem on the front a building we were looking at was.  He explained that it was the United States of America Intelligence Division.  Robert explained to me that his sister works there in Homeland Security.  I told him that it must be nice to have someone in the government, and he said to me that if he ever gets into bad trouble that he could call her and tell her what happened and she could make a couple calls to get him out of it.

He told John and me he was trying to get the graveyard across the golf course on state route 13.  The original owner was destroying records and selling graves to people in the total amount of 2.5 million dollars.  Robert said let John tell you what happened when he went to get the records about this.  John said guy only got 90 days in jail the so-called 2.5 million was only showed as $27,000.  Robert told me that it would take over two years to get the cemetery and he didn’t want to wait so he was going to find a faster way to get it.  He also told me that he knew a way around not waiting two years.  When John left Robert was still sitting there acting like he wanted to say something to me so I told him whatever is on your mind you can tell me.  He said if the people in New Lexington knew what I had to do to get the cemetery I would be in very big trouble.  He had paid two clerks at the court house some money so they would help get the cemetery.  He said he paid three people outside of New Lexington “big money” to get the cemetery.  He said that people involved was going to shred some of the records and mislay and misfile the records so no one would know how he got this done.  When John returned, Robert sent him to a court house in New Lexington to find any files.  John came back with a box of records which they claimed they never had.  This was in Perry County.  He also went to Jackson County where he brought back two boxes of records that they claimed they didn’t have.  Robert told me this about the cemetery and the courthouse after him and I came back from Georgia (information on this to come).  Keep in mind John had to sign for all these records.  I’m trying to save a Columbus police officer here from total destruction.  Robert knew how to use John for his own personal gain.  Robert, I will not let you pull John in on your wrong doing and the people of New Lexington and myself.

There was a third stone involved as well.  This stone would be for my brother.  I paid Robert $3250.00 for my brother’s stone to be done.  I told him the way I wanted it done and he told me that he would give me a good discount and that turned out to be a huge $65.00.  His partner Mike, who runs the Crooksville Monument Company, was standing there and said, “let me do the stone and take it to Sunset Cemetery.”  Robert said no and he was taking the stone to Georgia to a better artist.  That’s when he belittled his own partner.  Before Robert and I left for Georgia, Robert had said he always plans stuff together long before I do it.  Ask the people in New Lexington, they will tell you this is true.”  This statement shows that he knew way ahead of time about getting the cemetery.  His own lips trap him.

When Robert and I was going to leave for Georgia, Robert said to me that he was going to use his credit card to pay for everything to be done to the stone and he would give just one bill to me for everything.  Then after he told me this, a few days later he had changed his mind and told me he needed my money first.  He asked for $10,000 to cover the expenses of the trip and the stone.  I told him that I wasn’t going to give him that kind of money, so he told me to give him $8,000 and I still refused and he returned and said to give him $6,000.  At this point I agreed.  I gave him the $6,000 to have the stones done and he and I went to the bank to deposit it.  Before we left I told Robert to only get a truck big enough to only carry my brother’s and my wife’s stones.  We left on October 20, 2003 for Georgia.

During the trip down to Georgia and back it was a real education.  I learned from Robert on what type of person he really is.  When we got their I found out that Robert used me as a bank to pay for the other expenses of his that had nothing to do with the stones.  He uses my money to save him from the expenses of others.  I met the artist in Georgia named Brian Genson who works with his family under the company name Genson’s Edging Company in Elberton, Georgia.

I laid out how I wanted the stone done on the front and back.  Robert told Brian that I wanted a religious figure on white and walking with a brown staff and with a blue mist around him.  Robert then asked the cost in which Brian replied that it would cost $100.00.  We then left the company to go to our hotel room.  The next morning Robert went to get a load of stone of his to bring back to Ohio for his benefit.  Robert deceived and manipulated me to get his way.

Robert and Brian jerked around for five and half months trying to get me to pay for unwanted art work.  I said to them I am the customer here and I am not going to let you or Brian do it your way.  I was back in Robert’s office along with John when Robert said to me that I owed him $2450.00 for the cutting and buffing of my wife’s stone.  I then asked him what in the hell he did with the $6000.00 that I paid him to do the stones and he should have had $4500.00 left out of the $6000.00.  He looked at me and said just forget that money ever existed.  He said, “I got big places for that money to go.”  That’s when John jumped up and went out the door.  Robert then said to me that if I don’t give him the money the he was not going to do the artwork.  A few days later I spoke with Brian about the cost of my brother’s stone which was three feet by four feet and six inches thick and he said it sells for $200.00 to $300.00.  Robert made $2800.00 from me.  Brian also told me that to cut and polish the stone was $1000.00.  Robert told me the cost was $2450.00.  Robert pocketed $1450.00 of my money.  That’s when I found out that the entire time Robert was milking me.  I then refused to have anymore to do with Robert.  When I dropped Robert I had already paid $11,592.00 for a drawing that was half done.  I then asked Brian to make out a contract with me and send it to me.  I could get Brian to do the rest of the work on my wife’s stone.  At first we got along good then it turned sour.  He wanted to do the work his way and I said no and I am the customer.  Unaware of what Brian was doing, when I got the stone back he had added to the back of the stone the color red around my wife’s eye, and I had asked for two things to be done and he did sixty four.  I came unglued when I saw the stone.  On my brother’s stone he was told to put white on the religious figure.  Please keep in mind here I paid Robert once to do my brother’s stone and Brian charged me $300.00 to the stone wrong.  It’s going to cost me more money to have these stones fixed on the front and back.

Here is a letter from Robert Howard that I took very threatening.

I call your attention to the phrase Robert uses, “Ask anybody in New Lexington that I always plan ahead when I do something big.”  I believe that Robert planned and knew ahead of time how he would get the cemetery and he used my money to achieve that goal.

The trap was set for me at Evergreen Cemetery.  The person involved in this knew how to spring the trap in me.  But instead many people fell into this trap.  I was asked over and over again to sue the Evergreen Cemetery, over how they extorted Charlie Riche’s gravesite.

If I would sue the cemetery and they could see that I would win, then I would have to sign a release to Evergreen Cemetery and by doing so I would have no control here on what they could do.  They could even put a stone and a plaque there and reopen their historical site and bring in more money.

There is no real justice out there for my wife and me.  Listen well.  You will not and cannot lie, cheat, deceive, or use your dirty filthy thieving justice system in Ohio or this country.  You will never claim the contents of my grandfather’s gravesite.  The stone and plaque that my wife and I had made for my grandfather will soon be gone and destroyed so no one can line their pockets again.  This goes to all you uncontrolled, greedy, and deceptive pathological liars. 

I would like someone to volunteer their input on a courthouse that is involved in destroying records.   How could a fair hearing be heard in the courthouse where a crime was commended?


                                                            Gordon Bourgeois

Dear Governor Taft,

You got on TV I believe on 2001 and claimed to protect the welfare of the people in the state of Ohio.  In July of 2000, when my wife Patricia was still alive, I carried a sign in front of your building.  It read, “If the Governor can Commute a Death Sentence, why can’t he have a hearing in open court showing where state records were destroyed at the courthouse.”  You Governor did nothing.  I always believed that if you would have gotten involved that my wife, Patricia, would not have been murdered.

A letter was drafted and sent to you about Jean and George Schroer, the judge involved, as well the file clerks, and the trustees of the Evergreen Cemetery explains how records were destroyed.

Original Letter Drafted.  Page 2

Response Letter I received.

Your office replied stating that the only thing you cared about was organized crime.  I also believe raising taxes on small businesses was on your agenda.  You think we are playing marbles here and our records are supposed to be protected.  You could care less. 

I heard you were a lawyer before you became a Governor, so you are familiar with Blacks Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition, Bryon A Garner – Editor in Chief. 

Organized Crime:  Widespread criminal activities that are coordinated and controlled through a central syndicate.  Persons involved in these criminal activities; a syndicate of criminals who rely on their unlawful activities for income

What in the hell do you think we have here?  A pizza party?  You lied to the people in the state of Ohio.  Remember this? – “I am here to protect the welfare of the people.”  I want you to get back on TV and explain that nothing matters to you except Organized Crime and raising taxes on anything and everything.

After everyone reads this website, I hope you get more mail than Santa Claus.  I am told you have two more years to be the Governor, make it count.  Send for a CIA agent, a Federal Prosecutor, and/or a Federal Lawyer to clean this mess up.  You sir, can be the first one in America to act here for our returning veterans and those who are yet to fall for Our Freedom.

            When they are sent home with flags draped on their coffins to meet their families for the last time above the ground and later on Memorial  Day, Veterans Day, and the holidays, think very strongly here sir.  People in Ohio and this great country of ours someday will look back and say one person did make a difference here, “the Governor.”

People need to take it upon themselves to get involved in this situation.  I need volunteers to donate their time and effort in bringing to all of America.

All my wife and I wanted is to put a stone on grandpa’s grave and look what they did to us.  Reporters can take it upon themselves to use your own minds and run with this.  You can get public opinion and interview the husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and the families of the soldiers coming back dead or alive and ask about their gravesites or the lack of them.

9-5-2005 - New information on how the State of Ohio and the city of Gahanna are out to get me...."Get Gordon"

Tape Recordings

(Location: My Residence..A tape conversation between myself and the Deputy Chief of Police of Gahanna)

 Tape One:

 I am going to tape this for my own personal record.

 Today is August 22, 2005.

 They talk about Homeland Security, what a better place to talk about it then right here at home.  I served in the US Marine Corp from 1951-1953 during the Korean War.

 I’ve had a lot of problems with the Gahanna Water Department.  I am probably the only one on this street at 639 Palace Lane that has had 5 functioning meters installed on this house, of which I have four now.

 I moved in into this house in 1961 and I had one meter then.

 I am here with Deputy Chief Larry Rhinehart and the Chief of Police is Chief Murphy.  Mr. Rhinehart was not here the first time I had visitors from the water department.

 They were here about the water.  Terry Embry, the Director of the water department, I thought him to be very arrogant, overbearing, and way out of line on this (my) property.

 This is what the people have to understand that without the property owners, people like Embry wouldn’t have a job.

 He stated that he had trouble getting a hold of me, but my niece’s daughter was taking up my time because she is at Children’s Hospital with spinal meningitis.  She is in bad shape.

 He made the statement while the Chief of Police was on the subject about my grandfather, that come Monday morning we’re coming in here whether I liked it or not.

 And there’s another thing about the property owners of this country, where people are forced to do things that they don’t want to do and I personally feel that if anybody entered your house, they have to have a police officer there.

 It’s an invasion of property.  I believe that there is a small town in Southern Ohio that a friend of mine lives with his wife and family and his daughter is the one in Children’s Hospital.

 Down in Chancy Ohio they put their meters in the ground where the meter man lifts the lid, reads the meter and leaves.

 Now by doing this, you are not invading the rights of the people and their property and I think State of Ohio and Chancy did away with any conflict between the communities, the towns, and the cities and I believe it would be a great thing.

 Now talking about 5 meters….One of them was pulled off because I complained.  They had come in and installed an outside meter and instead of grounding it at the meter, they went around the house to the back and grounded it at a water pipe where the hose goes.

The put a piece of ground wire in the ground which just went under the surface and I seen the guy do this and I told him to take if off and he refused.

 I told him he should have grounded that at the meter.  I use to work for the electrical company as a cable splicer, so I know a little about grounds.  He stated he was not going to remove it.

 And mine must have been the last one because he had them all the way down Palace Lane in the back.

 I had told him there was danger here because if someone was washing their kids in the bathtub and the wire would burn in two and drop down on the faucet pipe behind the wall where the water was coming, the children would maimed or killed.

 And I told him to take it off and he refused, so I called OSHA and talked to them.

 There is also an unnamed person that works for the Gahanna Police, very nice person, I called and told him about it.

 I am really against being coerced to do something.

 Also, of the five meters, I still have four.

 Now you can take this conversation back and give it back to Emery and ask him how many more damn meters do I have to have before these people are satisfied.

 And he should come to Chancy and put them out here in the grass.

 I believe this to be forceful and invasion of privacy and that’s how they want to control the people as explained to this police officer here, Rhinehart, that this was nothing to them.

 I wanted to make you aware while I am here that I will sign no paper to Gahanna and I will tell you why.

 Number one, I have been harassed and pushed around and I feel this state and Gahanna have a vendetta against me.  I don’t know about the police force.

 Rhinehart response:  I can assure you we don’t.

(At one moment I had stopped the tape and missed where Rhinehart said “Not me, not me.  It isn’t me.”  The meter installer, my friend, and I heard him say it and then we continued.)

 I wish Embry could have been here today so I could ask him some questions.

 Why is it that I am the only one on Palace Lane that is being jerked around?

 So I feel that maybe the property owners and all of us should get together on this and have some kind of meeting.

As I said, I will not sign anything.  I noticed on the bills I got from Gahanna that one of the bills was $240.00.

 I got to checking around with some of the other residents and their bills were $34.

 Why has the water department got it in for me?

 I want to thank Deputy Chief Rhinehart today.

This took place August 22, 10:00am at my residence, 638 Palace Lane.


Gordon’s comments after the meeting:…

I wish the mayor could be contacted at no cost to me, have them contact the property owners, bring them in, have the persons responsible for reading the meters, the meter department, Mr. Embry and it would be nice to have a judge in there in case there may be some questions that he could answer that no one else could.

Contact property owners and see if we can come to a conclusion where we put the meters outside like they did in Chancy, Ohio.

By doing so we won’t have any invasion of privacy which I believe in my opinion where they can come into your property and have more authority to control you because they are coming when you don’t want them there.  So to keep everybody happier, let’s get a meeting going.

I think the mayor should be there and I think a judge with a court recorder would also help with the meeting as well.

Thank you kindly.


More details…(Before recording)

          Two police officers came to the front door and one of them was the Chief of Police, Chief Murphy, and the other was Deputy Chief Rhinehart.

          They said, “Gordon, we would like to talk to you a minute.”  So, I came outside and we talked out on the sidewalk out front.  He said, “Gordon, I have two appointments today.”  (I was one of them)  I said, “Well maybe we can postpone our meeting until noon or later this afternoon.”  He said, “No.  I have visitors coming in from Cincinnati.  I don’t know what they want, but I have a meeting with them for two hours or maybe longer and some other visitors for another meeting. I’m going to turn you over to Deputy Chief Rhinehart.  He stands in for me once in a while.  He’ll take over and he’ll be here at 10 o’clock.  He will also with him to install a meter.  We work with this guy and I’m sure everything’s going to be pleasant and go along with it.  I want to thank you for everything.”

          I asked if Terry Emery was going to be here and he said that he is not going to attend the meeting.  I explained that I had to go over and pick up a friend of mine from the hospital.  I explained it was the father of the girl that is having all these problems and is critical condition.  He wanted to be here.

           They had no problem with that.

           When he mentioned Cincinnati to me, this alerted me.

           In my opinion, and I want to make it very clear and no one do I point my finger at here..

           I believe word has leaked out over me having a truck down in Cincinnati.  That’s why they want to meet with the Chief of Police.  Again, in my opinion, they are running scared because word got out.  We (three companies and myself) kept it (the truck) a secret.  We kept it pretty tight.  Nobody knew about it, but I think word might have leaked out.  I believe they are meeting with the Chief of Police.  They are trying to figure out a way to stop me from leaving the state.  Because, they know I am going to go out of town with the truck.

            I don’t know why they are here or what the meeting is about.  I believe that are here for a purpose.  Maybe to try to bribe with money or whatever it takes to swing the Chief of Police and the people of Gahanna to tighten up on me and to do possibly anything they can to hold me down.

           I believe if this happens then I am going to bring in all the major television networks from all across this nation.  The gravestone is not theirs and it belongs to me as well as the historical plaque.  I’ll bring every radio and everybody I possibly can to cover this, especially CNN.

           I want to make it clear here too…that the person across the street from me, when nieces would come here to my house, he would walk out and take note of their license plate numbers.  We raised hell with him to get him out of here.  He had no right to do this.

           In my opinion, he was recruited by Gahanna for purpose of isolating me, see how many people come and visit me and how many don’t.  That way they can isolate me in one place and slip in here and take over.  But, it’s not going to work.  I’m not going to let you do it.

           I also want to make it clear that these two police officers I met went all out to be very sincere, very thoughtful, and very considerate.  They approached me in a well mannered way in light of what was going on.

           There is a famous saying out there that has been pasted on from generation to generation that is used almost everyday in this nation…

           “Are you with me, or are you against me?”

What you have to understand is people out there, whether you are a politician, or in a corporation, or where ever it might be, if the people at the top tell you to do something and you don’t do it, they will bring in someone who will.

I mean no disrespect to anyone’s family, but I see a lot in corporations where a guy comes into a job, gets married, buys a house, has children and the corporation starts putting pressure on him.  Especially if he’s in office.  They put pressure on him and I believe the Chief and the Deputy Chief could be very well be in this situation.  But I understand they have a family to look out for.

They have a duty to the people they are serving and it’s going to one sided.

I feel sooner or later I will be assassinated.  I had dreams on everything that has happened, what was going to happen, and when it was going to happen.  I will be killed and they will make it look like a normal death.  They can do about anything.  Look at what happened to my wife over at the hospital.  All because of greed, murder, and corruption.

On the side of the truck it states,  “Dear God in Heaven, Is There No Justice Out There?”  www.majorconspiracy.com

The first time this phrase was used was in a very special town that my wife and I liked.  She was in a wheelchair at the time, but she was with me and so was our little dog.  We went into my favorite town of Circleville, Ohio.  We met with the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and the residents.  These people couldn’t do enough for us.

A woman from New York came in and started talking to me and said I am going back to New York and see if I can put this story (about the gravestone) on television or radio.

 Today at 11:45, I was talking to the mailman in the front yard as he came across.  I said, “What’s the matter, do you guys always look at your feet?”  He said, “No.”  I said, “How do you like that truck I bought?”  He felt it was really nice.

 I turned around, he (the mailman) probably didn’t see this, I saw a white car coming down the street with the Gahanna emblem on the side.  They guy slowed down and looked back and saw the truck and looked at both us and left.

 At 12:35, a truck came by and slowed down and took a look.  At 17:05, another car came by, another Gahanna car.

 Whatever you guys are planning, whatever you think you are going to do, the only way you are going to take that stone away from me is to step over me.

 Because you think you have got everybody on your side, you can shit on somebody, but there are people that won’t take it.

 People out there talk about home security, I surely got it.  Not to long ago I had some noise on the phone and clicking.  So I called the telephone company, I just happen to hit it lucky.

 I told the operator about all this and asked, “Is it possible for my phone to be tapped?”  She said, “Let me check.”  She said, “Yes, it is tapped.  And there is more than one on the phone.”  She hung up, but I wanted to find out some other information and who is on there.  I called back and explained to another operator and she said, “How in the world did she know about it when it was just put on there and it hasn’t been very long?  How did she find out?”  I said, “Mam I want to know who is on there and who ordered to have it put on there?  What judge ordered to have my phone tapped?”  She said, “I can’t tell you” and hung up.

        My problem is, if you sum all this up together, I am a prisoner in my own home.  I can’t go any place, somebody’s following me, taking my license plate, every time I turn around Gahanna is snooping around.

         As it says on the truck---“Dear God in Heaven is there no justice out there for us?”

         How would you like to have all these things happen to you?  Where a state just comes in and kicks you in the butt and don’t care and all those things happen and they aren’t satisfied.  They are after me; they are worse than a damn leech.

         Greed Corruption and look what happens.  I can’t leave, I can’t go anywhere.  This guy follows me, that guy follows me.  My phone is tapped.  Ain’t any sense in this shit.

         I wish CNN would come here; they are the only one’s that have guts enough to get there and tell it like it is.


In my opinion….

Attention: City of Gahanna, you had to be desperate to make Terry Emery the Director of the Water Department.

How much double billing did you do to the older people?  You tried it with me and it didn’t work.  You have to be a real piece of slim to do this to people.

I need answer here….

What’s the plan to set me up?  Are the city of Gahanna and the police going to set me up on some trumped up charge?  Are they going to plant something?

You guys have done everything you could to two people, which included greed, corruption, and murder all in the name of the all mighty dollar.

My grandfather headed west as a young boy and now the grandson will follow in his footsteps.

You’ll know when I leave.  Stay away from me, I don’t want any problems.  Don’t make any attempt to cause me any problems or you’ll have more people in here on your ass.  Leave me alone.

To the Chief:  Was there a deal struck?  Way was the plans to do away with me?  How much was on the table or promised to Gahanna?  How big a piece of pie was promised to Gahanna?  How high does this go?

“Get Gordon”

There are just too many damn things coming around on this and it all pertains to 638 Palace Lane and the plague and stone.

A message for the Chief:  If they are trying to get you to join forces with them, don’t be a damn fool.  Regardless of how high you go, you’ll have to look back on your lifetime and what you accomplished, buy you are also going to have to look back on what you did to people.  So if you go with them, it’s going to be the same shit it was in Miamiville, Ohio – greed and corruption.  There’s a possibility that I will be assassinated.  Can you really live with that, just so you can continue to be the Chief of Police?  You are either with me or against me sir.  If you are with me, then that’s great.  If they shit on you and take your status away from you and your house away and everything else, always remember that your fellow officers and even I would go out and get the police across from across this nation and support you.  Then maybe down the line you would put your hat in the ring and become a congressman or even go to the Whitehouse.

Ask yourself when it comes time in later years, when you are in your 70’s and 80’s and death is knocking on your doorstep, was it really worth it for what I did to everyone, especially Gordon?

Chief don’t listen to them.

I also remembered something about my grandfather and his gravesite.  (Read main part of website)  When John, the private investigator, went to Evergreen Cemetery he found out my grandfather had been exhumed and moved to another unknown cemetery.  The thoughts are that they moved him to hide him from me.

If you listen carefully you can hear my voice across the gravesites of Ohio – “Grandpa, Grandfather, where are you?”

On Labor Day 2005, I will begin taking the truck around central Ohio to get the word out.  On my journey I will be attempting to visit as many cities as possible.  We will be wearing special vests and the mud flaps of the truck will also have information on them as well.

Accompanying me in the truck will be a former Chief of Police.  He believes in what I am doing and requested to go with me.