My Tribute to My Wife

        The last thing I could have ever did here was get a tombstone for my wife Patricia and look what this monument company did to me.  This is something that needs to be said.

   Give them a Chance

    I went to Thompson-Plageman Monuments Inc.  I met a Liz Plageman and an artist was there.  I told them I wanted a stone for my wife and wanted drawings on both sides and I was very particular.  I wanted 2 drawings per side.  One side for them to use and the other for me.  Liz and the artist said "Give Us a Chance".  I asked the artist how much money do you want for the drawing and etching and he started to tell me but Liz jumped in and said x-amount of dollars.

    Liz, if you had made two drawings you might not have ended up here on this website.  The artist showed me some pictures of angels that he took with his camera and said he was going to use them on the stone.  I also let him know I wanted it in color.

    They would always say "Give Us a Chance".

    Give Us a Chance to make 2 drawings per side - they made one.

    Give Us a Chance to have the stone finished and put on the gravesite by July 3, 2001 - it's April 2002 and I still don't have the stone.

    Give us a Chance to put a picture of Jesus Christ coming through the clouds - the put him under the clouds.

    I hired an attorney to write you a letter to straighten it out, but you Liz wanted it your way.  He told me the way to do this was is before a judge and jury.   I gave you a chance to allow 3 people I had with me, one to do a video, and 2 others to take pictures of my stone and you Liz, your brother Kevin, and the artist denied my right to my stone.  You accused me of never bringing back the drawings and that I got rid of them.  You Liz, said if I sign a release that the drawings are ok, then I could take all the pictures I want.  I told you no.

    I told you, you are going into a court and will not jerk the judge around like you did me.  The judge will demand to the see the drawings.  I too demand to see the drawings now.  Liz, Kevin, and the artist you did admit to me and before witnesses you destroyed the drawings and blamed me.

    I tell of you now there will be no deposition here.  All of you will be put on the stand under Direct Cross Examination.


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