My Summary

    February 5th, 2001 at 2pm at Schoedinger Funeral Chapel, 8 people were present.  My wife (passed away at this point) and I, 3 funeral directors, a forensic scientist named Bob Summers, a pathologist named Shaku Teas, and a Photographer (unaware of what was going on).  To start, I believe a major conspiracy was going on between the three funeral directors, the scientist, and the pathologist to deceive me and capitalize on my misery of my wife's murder.

I believe my wife Patricia was Murdered Right in Front of Me and a Nurse explained to me how it happened.

    A funeral director named Mr. Griffin told me he had to call the owner, Mr. Schoedinger, to get permission to do the autopsy and he said it was ok.  Later Mr. Griffin had second thoughts and wished he had not given Bob Summers and Shaku Teas the go ahead and to do it.  I said that's right.   

Bob Summers and Shaku Teas were going to do an Autopsy on my wife at the funeral chapel.  I was to go to the hospital and get the medical records from when my wife was in the hospital.

    In November of 2000 my wife was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems.

    I went to the records department of hospital and the records nurse, name withheld,  stated; "I only have 1/2 of the records and that the Lung Doctor was still trying to figure out what really happened to your wife Patricia".   She said "the surgeon came and took all the of his portion of the records and stayed in here and started changing all of them and he did not leave a completed copy of the records here".  She also said "the patient nurses were trying to figure out what to say and how to put it down in their records".

    By belief is, What Better Place to Commit a Murder and Get Away with it Than in a Hospital?  When the trial starts I believe more bodies will be exhumed.

    My wife Patricia passed away January 16, 2001 from what I believe was a murder plot.

    I came back to the funeral chapel and they were still working on Patricia.  Bob Summers shot video of one of the funeral directors handing Shaku Teas the tools she used in the autopsy.  That same director came up to me and I asked him can you tell me anything.  He said when we opened her up she was a mess.

    I gave the medical records to Shaku Teas from the hospital.  She will deny ever having them.  All three, Bob Summers, Shaku Teas, and the funeral director came up to me and I questioned them about what was said and found when they opened her up and stated she was a mess.  They replied and let me know that she was loaded with Toxic Poisons and it was they had ever seen.  The rest of this part is saved for a court of law.

    Shaku Teas said I am in a hurry to get out of the state of Ohio.  I found out later why.  Bob Summers handed a large sum of money that was in his pocket.  Bob Summers took her to the airport and told me to wait there and that he wanted to go to a restaurant.

    Because Schoedinger Funeral Chapel so did, do an illegal autopsy on my wife Patricia Bourgeois it caused me to exhume her body and take her out of state.


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