Going to the Restaurant

    Bob Summers said he had to talk to Mr. Griffin a long time and Bob made him a deal to let him do the autopsy.  Going to the restaurant Bob told me how Patricia was murdered.  Again, left out for a court of law.  Bob said Shaku was not licensed in the state of Ohio and he also failed to tell me that he himself was not licensed in the state of Ohio.  I said Shaku did an illegal autopsy.  Bob said she is out of the state now and you can not do anything about it.  Bob said Shaku will come up with the same diagnosis as the doctors from the hospital to protect herself.  I believe Shaku changed her own records and Bob made a deal for this to happen.  Seven months later, she did.  Bob Summers started talking about Medicare.  At the restaurant Bob got drunk and said I'll get you a big lawyer and do not get the small lawyers because they do not know what they are doing.  I said no to a big lawyer.  He then told me because of what happened to your wife and you at the hospital and you had to stand by and watch that this case is worth 2.5-3 hundred million dollars and could go to 1/2-1 billion dollars or more.  Who knows how high it could go, he said.  Bob also said "This case would Never Go to Trial and if it did, No Judge or Jury Would Ever Convict these Doctors and Nurses, not in this or any other country".  He also said, "Even after what the doctors and nurses did to you and your wife, they will never be convicted.  They will get away with it.

    I believe what Bob meant was just because they are doctors and nurses they wouldn't be convicted.

    I said everything in the country has a price tag, but not Patricia and they cannot buy me.

    I said Patricia has turned into "Big Money Pie".  Bob said "when I get back to Las Vegas I am going to take part of the video out and change the records".  I said wait a minute, you are going from murder into malpractice.  Anyone who goes into that courtroom and says is malpractice and not murder then it is assumed that those individuals got a piece of that pie.  I told him I was not going to let that happen.  I am going to take that pie away from everyone and bring all of you down.

    I went to the State and Local authorities to issue warrants for Bob Summers and Shaku Teas for interstate flight to avoid prosecution, Fraud, Deception, and Practicing without a license in Ohio.  I was told they are out of the state and I could not do anything about it.  I don't know anything about interstate laws, but I think that answer is BS.

    If that were one of their people, I'm sure they would find a way to get them back.


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