Calling all Marines from Montana to Texas, from North Carolina to California.

Semper Fi.  I predict the Greatest Cover Up in this country and the biggest payoff that will happen right here in Ohio.

What I am about to tell you is True.

The people involved here will deny, deny, deny it.....

Today I speak to all the Husbands and Wives in this great and wonderful country of ours.  And also the children of today who are the mothers and fathers of tomorrow.

What happened here Must Never Again Happen in America.

I deeply and truly love my wife until the end of time.  We were always there for each other and we were a team.  We were working together to make things better.

Would you put Everything You Have On The Line Including Your Own Life for your spouse and your spouse for you?

This website is all in the honor of Patricia's memory and to inform the public what has happened here.

My name is Gordon Bourgeois. I am 70 years young.  My wife Patricia was 66 years young.

I am a marine and served in the Korean War from 1951-1953.  I was stationed at Fleet Marine Force-2nd Marine Division in Armored.  I was a gunner on a 1/2 track with two 50cal machine guns at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


The Marine Corps taught me to take it and take it and keep on taking it.  When you get knocked down you get back up and start kicking a__ until you WIN and they never taught me to "Back Up".

In Boot Camp they taught me how "Deal with Stress" under "Extreme Pressure", but I never New Later That I Would be Tested Later as I am Tested today.

This is only a down payment as to what's to come.  Some of the people in the state of Ohio do not want anyone in our state or outside our state to know about any of this.

Please send me some feedback.  Please let me know how you feel about this tragedy and the content of this website.  You can email me at


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