"The Legend"

    All you poker player in this country who are holding two black aces and two black eights are living a legend.  This hand known in the Poker world is known as the "Deadman's Hand".  This is a worldwide legend.  My grandfather, Charlie Rich, dealt the famous hand to Wild Bill Hickok; August 2, 1876 in the No. 10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota.

    A while back my grandfathers grave was looked for.  We were under the understanding that it wanted to be found to fill a void in history.  My wife and her little dog, Fifi, and I found the gravesite on April 2, 1988 at Evergreen Cemetery in Miamiville, Ohio.   We met a Jean and George Schroer who at that moment were pounding rods in the ground trying to find the gravesite.  We informed them that we had already found the gravesite.  Jean and George said "we will go all out and help in whatever you need, but with the help of big business and the State".  What turned out to be a gesture of help turned out to be a plot to unlawfully seize the gravesite with the help of the State and to make it into a nationwide attraction.

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