Who is Involved?

    There are nine states involved.  Washington, D.C.;  New York; Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Gahanna, Miamiville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Florida.  TV. stations NBC, CBS, ABC, ONN (Ohio News Network, radio 610 WTVN of Columbus, Ohio.  Governor Bob Taft, Attorney General Betty Montgomery, the State Medical Board, the embalmers service of Ohio.  Department Professional Regulations, FCC and two internet companies, major airlines, state and federal authorities, two Mayors, two Chief's of Police, two Pathologists, two Forensic Scientists, four toxicologists, coroner, a Funeral Chapel, Funeral Home, five funeral directors, a photographer, a bank, a hospital, a rest home, a judge, two file clerks, 3 trustees, a monument company owner, a local newspaper editor, a cemetery caretaker, State of Ohio Advertising/Marketing department, four lawyers, 3 members of a family in Indian Hills, Ohio, and more to added.


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