My Final Thoughts

    Mr. Griffin and Mr. Schoedinger, I believe that the rules and regulations to license a funeral chapel and/or home include representing the people of the community who have passed on and being compassionate to the family and to do what is right.

    Why sir's did you give permission to allow these events to take place instead of saying no?

    It shows that you had no compassion in allowing what happened to Patricia.

    How do you intend to explain to the people and the court why you did this?

    This does not represent a company that has over a century in service.


    I seek what only God can find for my wife Patricia, we call it Justice.  Something they forgot about in the State of Ohio.  The only person who cared about what happened to Patricia and me, and is involved with the state, was the coroner.  The rest were all about Uncontrollable Greed.

    I believe all of you, Jean and George Schroer, the 3 trustees, the 2 errand boys; 1 for the monument company, the other the editor of the local newspaper, all who were involved in unlawful seizure of the gravesite, and all others, Are Now Involved in the Murder of My Wife, Patricia.  Those of you that knew about it and never came forward, you're just as Guilty.  Stand by to called to Trial.

    One person here can make a difference.  Please take upon yourself to reach out and inform others of this murder.

    Contact your Congressman, Senators, and State Representatives to give us a trial before a judge and jury.  Why?  Because we earned it the Hard Way.  And I will give you the Greatest Case of this Century.  Ask your Congressman, Senators, and State Representatives to bring in the FBI from Washington, and a US Attorney and  US Prosecutor to make a major investigation because Medicare is involved.  Believe me, I will keep them busy.  But what hurts here the most is once this case goes to trial, I predict that Ohio will not have enough Hotels and Motels and Restaurants to hold all the people coming.