This Will All be Denied

        My wife and I call the State of Ohio "The Gestapo State".  In a 10 year span, 100 million dollars in tourism money came in to Ohio and the city of Miamiville.  My wife and took the gravestone and the plaque away from them on April 2, 1998.  I was told by two errand boys, one the owner of two monument companies, and the other the editor of a local newspaper, that radio and TV were telling people in and outside of the state of Ohio that the stone was coming back.  It wasn't, because of what they did to us in seizing the gravesite illegally.  The two said "Big Business People, as they called them, are Madder than Hell over what you and your wife did to them in taking the stone and plaque".  "Big Business People are paying big big money wanting any information about both of you.  They want to know every move you make and if you did not put the stone back on that gravesite, no matter how long it took, Big Business are going to find a way to get you and your wife real good".  Please lock in on that statement.

    I was offered a bribe from the guys offering $25,000 to return the stone for us and get the gravesite back into our name.  We said no.


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