Major Conspiracy

Cover Up


1988 at Miamisville, Ohio

April 2, 1998


Let me explain this to you "Theft of Historical Commemorative Monument and Grave Site". It means The State of Ohio and a woman who does advertising for the state asked me to sign a paper giving up federal, state, and local copyright on the plaque of the Deadman's Hand, my stone and my grandfather's picture. I refuse to do so. (She) for advertising said the State of Ohio and I would take it, and you can not do anything about it and laughed. I told her it is "Unlawful Seizure." She said "we" meaning the state and her are going to take it anyway and laughed again. This makes it a Federal Crime commited by the State and her.

Grave Site means Jean and George Schroer, along with a judge, lawyer, file clerks, mayor at city hall, 3 trustees, and nurse in the rest home formed a major conspiracy against me in taking the grave site away from me. The grave site was found April 2, 1988 by my wide, her little dog, and I. Jean claimed the grave site. Look at the non-transfered of deed it reads April 2, 1998. I suggest to all thieves in or around the Miamisville to steal the plaque and grind that dirty piece of slime and trash Jean and Rich Schroer off of it forcing the state of Ohio to make a new one putting my brother's name on it: James. What they are supposed to do in the first place. The Ohio Historical Society and what has happened here in the state. This country and it's a shame and disgrace to all even though you're not related.

I want the state of Ohio to get more phone calls and letters than Santa Claus over all this. I want to thank Jesus Christ in giving back the stone to us.

One person can make a difference. Please get involved. Please contact your congressman, senator, andf so on. We need your help.

Thank you very kindly,

Gordon and Patricia.


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