One of the people who lived by me came over to get an umbrella. They said "Can I use your's? I left my house and forgot mine." I said "Yes. Do you want to step in?" "Yes", they said "I see you have new TV end tables, couch and lamps." I said "Yes."

No disrespect here, to said person, running the state of OH. I said "I heard on TV the new governor fired 15 state lawyers. Is that right?" She said "Yes", I said "The new governor doesn't know it, but he made my day. He should have fired all of them." "Did they get you?" I asked. "Yes," she said "but two people I know got me a job in the DA office." I said "Do you go into court?" She said "No, I just type and do what ever he wants me to do."

"Do you still have you farm in Marysville, OH.?" "Yes, but we are going to sell it and move back to Gahanna" Then she said "I smell dust in here." I said "Two people came into the house to do drywall, and blew dust all over. I called two people to come in and help me clean it up." She the lawyer came unglued and raised her voice. "I want the names, addresses, phone numbers! The state of Ohio does not want anyone coming in on your property to help you!" "How dare you threaten me in my own house! Leave my home!" The state of OH. wants to isolate me and put me by myself. The state of OH. Can walk in and take what I have. Who is going to stop them.

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