I believe the state of OH. Recruited some of the people around me to be called in. Anyone comes into helps him get named or license plates. The state of OH. call them and used scare tactics to run them away from helping me.

I was given a phone no. of a carpenter--ator, he said I'll be over to your house at 8:30 AM. He never showed up. I called at about 11AM, he answered the phone and said "I just remembered I have a big job, sorry" I said did someone call you he said yes I said what did they say and he said to stay away from me or I could get into real bad trouble. I need newspaper and TV reporters to come in outside of OH. Don't forget your lap computers who will be the first to break the big story in OH.

People evolved in state of OH, location cities, Columbus, Gahanna, Franklin Co, Hamilton CO, Claremont Co. Just some of them. Don't forget your computers and tape players. We need recordings of what they are saying. Just like they are doing to me.


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