My Summary

I sent two couriers 6,000 miles to be put on website.

I have been having a problem on my phone and called the operator and asked her if my phone is tapped. She said yes and that there is more than one tap on it. Then she hung up too quick. I called a second operator and told her what happened. She said “How did she know? It's only been on there for a few minutes.” “How did she know?” I said, “I want to know who ordered it and why”. The operator said “Cannot tell you.”

At and T and Elephant ears has set a trap against me. Deception, forced stealing the customer's money. How federal communication is connected.

Secretary of state planted a seed called “We” known she after my trademark.

I want the secretary of state of Ohio to resign. All networks should cover this.

I believe that secretary of state hurt every secretary of state in America.

Over all the years I do not remember anything like this to happen.

I must answer here. My God. My God what has happened to my country.

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