The state of OH is desperate to get the historical stone and plaque back a second time illegal lures again only this time they brag that no one is ever going to take this away from us again.

Anything I am forced to sign taking the stone and historical plaque or anything else away from in or outside this cemetery is not worth the paper it is written on.

One of the people I was talking to higher up close to the top said you are taking money from the state of Oh.

I said no I pay my taxes just like everyone else does.

She said to me just you wait until June and July. Then she changes her mind and said just you wait til July and August and (see what we) are going to do to you. Remember (she) and (We) (accuse) (threaten) We meaning more than one, another conspiracy. Lets see how smart you are, secretary of state. Who is she? Why Patricia.....?


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